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Name roads at each end of Euston Rd

From west: Marylebone Rd / Albany St / Gt Portland St
From East : Pentonville Rd / Grays Inn Rd / York Way


Left turns west bound Euston Rd

(Left) Crestfield St (one way)
(Left) Belgrove St ( One way)
(Left) Judd St
(Left) Dukes Rd
(Left) Upper Woburn Pl
(Left) Gower St
(Left) Fitzroy St
(Left) Conway St
(Left) Gt Portland St


Left turns East bound Euston Rd

(Left) Hampstead Rd
(Left) North Gower St
(Left) Euston Sq to Melton St


Name right turns west bound on Euston Rd

(Right) Pancras Rd
(Right) Chalton St


Right turns East bound on Euston Rd

(Right) Euston overpass
(Right) Gower St
(Right) Upper Woburn Place
(Right) Harley St
(Right) Belgrove St