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Define Ethical Marketing

Marketing products in a more socially responsible way (Grewal & Levy, 2015)


What is CSR

A firm's consideration of and response to issues beyond the narrow economic, technical, and legal requirements of the firm which results in accomplishing social benefits along with traditional economic gains


Model CSR Company

Toms: buy 1 give 1 - the charitable acts are the company, it has a feel good message, and is worn by many celebrities



companies masking motives by putting it under the guise of grassroots


mcdonalds astroturfing

day of quarter pounder release in japan, recruited 1000 workers to line up as customers who were paid and their meals compensated.. McD admitted it but said it was for market research


Astroturfing Al Gore

an inconvenient truth .. there was a youtube video created called Al Gore's Penguin Army spoofing the ideas and it was traced back to a PR and lobbying firm for Exxon Mobile


No Logo

Klein 2001
brand lifestyle is sold to us in an overt way and globalized brands are "an assault on the public sphere" with corporate consolidation taking away choice - there are resistive movements around the world against this - opposite of conspicuous consumption


why do CSR

Magian and Ferrell
it is a social obligation, stakeholder obligation, good ethics, and a managerial process


internet info on CSR

Jahdi and Acikdilli
suspicion on attempting to convey CSR image
internet has unlimited capacity to transmit to consumers but its hard to figure out what is true or false on the internet "fake news"


power dynamic stakeholders and CSR

stakeholders have power over firm if the firm is more dependent on stakeholders than reverse
positive relationship between car and customer loyalty - good WOM .....
quick to sanction companies for socially irresponsible behavior


sanction for social irresponsibility example

High street brands found using dog and cat fur in products
united airlines


implicit persuasion

advertising that uses implicit persuasion that is impossible to resist is unfair because it overrides cognitive control capacities (Nairne & Fine 2008)


multiple celebrity endorsements

Chen et al 2013
multiple brand endorsements makes the connections complex but if there is a strong consistency in brand concepts it is not necessarily a turnoff to consumers


CSR surveys

Caruana et al 2013
inconsistency between what people say in quantitative surveys and what they do because that method encourages the desire for respondents to give socially desirable answers to be good citizens


CSR and capitalism

field of business ethics rests on the fundamental flaw of relying on capitalists and capitalism to save us from the devastating environmental and social effects of capitalism


stats about CSR surveys

young et al 2010 - estimated 30% of consumers indicate concern about environmental issues yet only 5% translate that into action


evolution of fair-trade

Goodman 2009
1. image/description of farmers and lesson on benefits of FT
2. idealize farmers with sunsets
3. celebrity -Brangelina
4. FT = alleviation of poverty - oversimplification


Planet Bean v Starbucks

Fridell 2009
planet bean is 100% devoted to fair trade and educating consumers, while starbucks only has 2% fair-trade products (not to mention union history) and its mostly PR but the network is stuck between the vision of the co-op and the reach of the corporate


fair-trade message

consumers should be consuming the FT message when buying the good (Low and Davenport)


supply chain CSR

product and process related aspects of the operations that relate to human safety, welfare and community is a concern


True Cost Documentary

link between consumer pressure for low cost fast fashion and the existence of sweatshop workers who produce goods - zara and H&M
showed Bangladeshi women trying to unionize and improve conditions but were beaten - picked up by CNBC & news


missing bean

ethical signaling - have to be wealthy to be ethical? fruit farmers


social media accountability

holding pals accountable and social issues are very linked to economic performance - united broke my guitar and dragging man off plane


example of social media witch hunt

#SaveJoshArmy Chimerix