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Triage Transfer Point (TTP) is formally known as

CCP Casualty Collection Point
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Patient Triage Tags

Black-tag: No Transport/Deceased
Red-tag: Immediate Transport/Critical
Orange-tag: Life Threatening Condition/Urgent
Yellow-tag: Non-Ambulatory/Delayed
Green-tag: Walking Wounded/Minor
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At a suspected IED HT and Cell Phones shall not be used within how many feet of suspected device ?
What about apparatus, post and marine radios ?

HT and cell phones shall not be used within 150ft of a suspected device, and Apparatus, Post and Marine radios should not be operated within 300ft of a suspected device.
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5.2.1 All units responding to MCI incidents must consider the national, conceptual model “THREATS”:

* Threat Suppression
* Hemorrhage / Airway control.
* Rapid Extrication of critical victims.
* Assessment and triage by medical providers.
* Transport of victims to designated hospitals.
* Site management (law enforcement).


First arriving engine after an explosion occurs and no ladder on scene. The engine officer will enter POI to do what ?

The Engine Officer should enter the POI to determine the following:
o Number of victims
o Initial location of the ICP
o Initial location of the Triage Transfer Point
o Preferred routes for evacuation and removal of victims (Rescue Corridor)
Note: Relay this info to ECC for dept radio
If Ladder first will enter poi and do same


Second arriving Engine after an explosion will report where with what ?

Remove meters, skeds and CFR equipment from the apparatus and report to the Triage Transfer Point.


The second arriving engine officer must remain where until relieved by BC ?

The 2nd arriving Engine Officer must remain at the Triage Transfer Point and assume control until relieved by a Battalion Chief.


Providing Patient Tracking Information, includes what info ?

 Number of patients
 Identification information
 Patient tag designation (as available)
 Location removed to: Treatment Areas or identity of hospital


If the incident involves the Subway System, the 1st arriving Ladder Company must set up what ?

The CORE relay. Skeds and other equipment must be brought to the platform by other units.


Only deceased victims should be tagged in the POI (Black-tag). True or False



If the distance to the Triage Transfer Point is too long, the 1st Ladder Company may establish a _______where they will transfer each victim to the 2nd Ladder Company.

Patient Relay Point (PRP)
2nd Ladder Company will continue victim removal from the PRP to the Triage Transfer Point
NOTE: Patients MUST not be left alone at ANY location.


If numerous victims need removal to the Triage Transfer Point, the 1st arriving Ladder Company Officer must notify the FDNY IC for assistance. If the FDNY IC is not on scene the 1st Ladder Company Officer can ask ?

Directly request assistance from the 2nd Ladder Company Officer or 1st arriving Engine Company (if not engaged in fire suppression).


Second Arriving Ladder Company after an explosion will report where ? What is the exception ?

* Remove meters, skeds and tourniquets.
* Report to the Triage Transfer Point and assist in the removal of patients
If the incident involves the subway system, the 1st arriving Ladder is responsible for the CORE relay. The 2nd Ladder must now conduct reconnaissance of the POI.


First arriving unit should consider what signal after an explosion has occurred ?