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Name the 5 environmental factors

- Weather
- Pollution
- Altitude
- Terrain
- Humidity


Describe the factor of 'Weather' and how it can be avoided

- It is a factor that you have no control over, but a professional might be able to go to a country where the weather is suited


Give an example of how weather can be avoided

- People having to travel in order to play in a certain sport, like skiing


Describe how 'Weather' can be a factor

- You may not be able to train on an outdoor/court o field if it is raining or snowing


How can competing be seen as a factor?

- Too hot/cold/wet/foggy/windy/thunder
- Many activities stop if the weather is poor


How does pollution affect performance and participation?

- As it is a serious health risk for anyone whether training or competing


What is a solution to stop weather being a disruption?

- A lot of sports now have indoor facilities which have air conditioning