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Exchange Server has 5 primary roles that can be installed on the server to perform specific functions. What are they?

CAS = All client connections (MAPI, OWA, HTTPS)
HUB = Message delivery
Mailbox = Message Store
Unified Messaging = Voicemail
Edge = Anti-Spam, Anti-Virus


What is responsible for distributing client traffic to ensure high availability?

Load Balancer


What provides redundancy through a group of up to 16 Mailbox servers that hosts a set of databases and provides automatic database-level recovery from failures that affect individual databases?

DAG (Database Availability Group)
(Like RAID for email servers)


What is the difference between a Switchover and a Failover?

A switchover is a scheduled outage of a database or server that's explicitly initiated by an administrator, typically in preparation for performing a maintenance operation.

A Failover occurs when one or more active database copies become unavailable, and the DAG automatically takes action to restore service


What key protocols are used by the Messaging Architecture?

Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (25)
Internet Message Access Protocol (143)
Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP - 80 / HTTPS - 443)


The Exchange Management Console is divided into three sections, what are they?

- Organization Configuration
- Server Configuration
- Recipient Configuration


The exchange management shell was built on what?



What is the term for lightweight commands that are used in the Windows PowerShell/Exchange Management Shell environment?



What are the common Cmdlet verbs?

New: Creates a new instance of an item
Remove: Removes an instance of an item
Enable: Enables a setting or mail-enables a recipient
Disable: Disable a setting or mail-recipient
Set: Modifies specific settings of an object
Get: Queries a specific object or a subset of a type of object, such as a specified mailbox or all mailbox users


What Exchange Management Shell command allows you to obtain a list of available Exchange cmdlets?



What Exchange Management Shell command allows you to combine commands to help automate the process?

"|" (pipe)


What rights/roles can be delegated to other users and groups in Exchange?

- Exchange Organization Administrator
- Exchange Public Folder Administrator
- Exchange Recipient Administrator
- Exchange View-Only Administrator
- Exchange Server Administrator


What is used to move or remove messages in exchange?



What ExMerge command tells the server to run 10 export processes simultaneously to prevent the system from overloading?

MaxThreads 10