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Direct employment

Is any job at any level in a travel and tourism business or organisation such as an airline or hotel, even if it’s a businesses support roles like Human Resources


Indirect employment

Is any job in an industry that supports the travel and tourism industry, such as in industries like hospitality and retailing


Types of roles available in the industry

Customer facing
Support and administration
Graduates programmes or trainees
Managerial and supervisory


Customer facing

Deal directly with customers face to face, over the telephone and over the internet such as an agent in a tour operators call centre


Support and administration

Enable the business or organisation to function and complete its aims, such as a Human Resources advisor working for a chain of travel agencies


Graduate programmes or trainees

People in these roles are recruited for and trained in a particular specialism such as air traffic control


Managerial and supervisory

Manage or supervise the work of other employees, such as a call centre manager or the manager of a travel agent retail store


What are the different ways to enter a travel and tourism career?

-internships - a short period of experience with some lag pay and expenses
-apprenticing - combining further raining with work
-management trainee schemes - usually for graduates but sometimes for students who have completed a BTEC National
-starting at a low level and working up to supervisory or management roles


Direct employment in transport principals

Airlines employ personnel such as air crew (pilots), customer-facing cabin crew for example flight attendants, and a supporting maintenance crew (engineers)
Cruise ships - wide range of jobs not directly related to tourism - beauticians,doctors, chefs
Traditional customer facing - port presenters who arrange excursions at different destinations


Direct employment at transport hubs and gateways - airports

-check in
-customer facing - customer problems and queries
-baggage handling
-security screening
Some of these require few qualifications (baggage handling) unskilled and low paid
Graduates - operations management, air traffic control highly skilled and high pay