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What is the inferior, uncolored space containing 4 and 5 called?

What are its contents (4 and 5)?

What are its borders (6 laterally, 7 medially and 8 superiorly)?


Lateral Triangular Space

4 is the radial nerve, 5 is the deep brachial artery

lateral border (6) is humerus

medial border (7) is long head of triceps

superior border (8) is teres major


What is the green highlighted portion of this drawing?

What does it contain (1 and 2)?

What are its borders (6, 7, 8 and 9)?


Quadrangular Space

- contains Posterior Circumflex Humeral Artery (1) and Axillary Nerve, Brachial Plexus (2)



  • lateral: humerus (6)
  • medial: long head of triceps (7)
  • inferior: teres major (8)

  • superior: teres minor (9)


What is the orange highlighted portion of this image?

What does it contain (number 3)?

What are its borders (numbers 7, 8 and 9)?

Medial Triangular Space

- contains the Circumflex Scapular Artery (3)


  • lateral: long head of triceps (7)
  • inferior: teres major (8)
  • superior: teres minor (9)


What is # 1?

What is it made of?

Ulnar Carpal Eminence

- pisiform bone and hamulus of hamate


What is #3?

What covers it?

What does it contain?

Guyon's Canal

- palmar carpal ligament covers it

- contains ulnar nerve and artery


What is #4?

flexor retinaculum


What is #5?

median nerve


What is #2?

What is it made up of?

Radial Carpal Eminence

- scaphoid and trapezium tubercles


What is the set of orange structures labeled #6?

tendons of flexor digitorum superficialis


What is the set of orange structures labeled #7?

tendons of flexor digitorum profundus


What is #8?

tendon of flexor pollicis longus


What is the pink line labeled 4 and what are its lateral and medial attachments, 1 and 11?

Inguinal Ligament (of Poupart)

anterior superior iliac spine laterally

pubic symphysis medially


What is #3?

ilipsoas muscle


What is #5?

femoral nerve


What are 6 and 8?

femoral artery and vein


what is #7?

genitofemoral nerve, femoral branch


What is #2?

lateral femoral cutaneous nerve


What is the green structure labeled #9?

Rosenmüller's Lymph Node


What is the area labeled 10?

What covers it (labeled 12)?

Lacuna Lymphatica

lacunar ligament covers it


What are areas 13 and 14?

13 - Lacuna Vasorum

14 - Lacuna Musculonervosa


What are the borders of the femoral triangle?

2, 9 and 12

Include the lateral and medial 'angles'... 1 and 7.

2 superiorly inguinal ligament

12 laterally sartorius

9 medially adductor longus

- inguinal ligament runs from ASIS (1) to pubic symphysis (7)




What nerve, artery and vein enter from the top of this region? (3, 4, and 5) 

Through what "hole"? (6)

Femoral Nerve, Artery and Vein

- enter through the subinguinal hiatus

(artery and vein through lacuna vasorum, nerve through lacuna musculonervosa)


What makes up the "floor" of this region?

- labeled 13... but not that clear

Iliopectinal Fossa

made up of the iliopsoas medially and the pectineus laterally


What is # 10 which drains into #5 partway through this region via #8?

Name all three... 10, 5 and 8

The great saphenous vein (10) drains into the femoral vein (5) via the saphenous ring (or hiatus) (8) which is a hole in the fascia lata


What is #11?

Describe its route through #14 as it branches off of #3 and joins #10 at #18.

The saphenous nerve (11) branches off of the femoral nerve (3) within the femoral triangle and enters the adductor canal (14). 

It then leaves the adductor canal midway down the thigh and joins the great saphenous vein (10) superficially (18)


What is #14 and what does it contain?

Where does it end? (not labeled here with a number... could be confused for 15 because this drawing is weird. Oops.)

Adductor Canal (14)

Contains the femoral artery and vein (4 and 5) as well as the saphenous nerve (11).

It ends at the Adductor Hiatus which is a hole in the between the oblique and medial heads of the adductor magnus.



What is #15?

And what are numbers 16 and 17 called? 

Popliteal Fossa (15)

The femoral artery and vein (4 and 5) become the popliteal artery and vein (16 and 17) after passing the popliteal fossa.


What is this pink structure labeled 1?

What space does it divide?

Piriformis Muscle 

divides the greater sciatic foramen into the supra- and infrapiriform hiatuses


What is the opening labeled 2?

(above the pink structure)

What does it contain?

Suprapiriform Hiatus

- contains the superior gluteal artery, vein and nerve


What is the orange structure labeled 3?

And where on the pelvis does it connect, labeled 8?

Sacrospinous Ligament

connects sacrum to ischial spine