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His Person: where does Elihu direct his anger?

-Job's self-righteous attitude
-The friends, and their inability to answer
-their inability to get Job to drop charges against the almighty God
-Elihu's nature is characterized by anger


His Apology:

-Elihu begins his apology by announcing that he knows his place
-He knows he is young, uninitiated, passionate; he has the makings of a fool
-Elihu who has not undergone any of Job's conflictions claims to be able to interpret them by virtue of common spirit


Defence of God's justice

-calls wise men to judge job
-Elihu launched an attack on Job's character
*he is a corrupt man
*he kept in company with the wicked
*he answers like a wicked man
-How could God, the creator of the universe, ever be wrong
-When God punishes someone in public, it is generally a warning to others


God's detachment

-a life of righteousness appears to have no effect on God
-God is free to follow His personal whim
-Job's sin does not affect God personally
-Job's righteousness is not an obligation for God to act on