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Yahweh defends His cosmic design

-the universe was not created exclusively for man's use
-the natural world through it is beyond man's ability to comprehend, reveals a moral order with pattern and meaning
-It is interesting to see what God doesn't do


What God doesn't do

-He doesn't give Job any answers
-He doesn't apologize for being silent so long
-He doesn't offer any information about what went on with satan
-Doesn't ackowlege that Job had been through deep struggles


Theophany and Summons

-Yahweh visits Job in person, not in a theophany
-"Why are you using your ignorance to deny my providence?"
-God asks Job 77 questions
*first set: "Can you control my creation?"
*second set: "Can you change or subdue MY creation"


Questions asked to Job

-questions concerning earth and sea
-questions concerning the dawn, darkness and the netherworld
-questions concerning the phenomena of the heavens
-Questions concerning the kingdom of the wild



-Before God will consider Job's protest of innocence, Job must come to terms with his accusation that God's governance is not arbitrary and chaotic.
-Job says "I am small" and "Insignificant", he does not say that "I have sinned" as his friends wanted him to