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What is the main criteria for premenstrual Dysphoria disorder.

Major symptoms are present in the Final week before menses onset and improve within a few days after onset.


What are the major symptoms of premenstrual Dysphoria disorder?

Marked affective lability. Irritability or anger, or increased interpersonal conflicts. Depressed mood, feelings of hopelessness or self-deprecating thoughts. Anxiety, tension, being keyed up or on edge. Decreased interest in usual activities. Difficulty concentrating. Lethargy, easy fatigability. Change in appetite. Hypersomnia or insomnia. Overwhelmed are out of control. Physical symptoms.


All together how many symptoms must be present in premenstrual Dysphoria disorder?

Five or more.


How is premenstrual Dysphoria disorder confirmed?

Prospective daily ratings.


Prospective daily ratings used in premenstrual Dysphoria disorder must occur during how many cycles?

Two cycles.


Individuals with premenstrual Dysphoria disorder must be symptom free during phase of the menses cycle?



Although rare, hallucinations and delusions can occur during which phase In premenstrual Dysphoria disorder?

Late luteal phase.


True or false. Aging women have worse symptoms premenstrual Dysphoria disorder?

True. However, symptoms cease after menopause.