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What is Perceived Cumulative Assessment?

Your subjective assessment and continuous reassessment of an incident, using the TENR model, based on information known about the situation and the subject’s behaviour. The PCA may escalate and/or de-escalate more than once during an incident.


What is situation subject behaviour?

What is the subject behaviour and the situation at hand.


What does TENR stand for?

Threat, exposure, Necessity, Response


What are the levels of resistance on the TOF and what use of force do they allow?

Cooperative - no force, passive resistance - hands on to make arrest, active resistance - OC spray or hands on, assaultive - OC spray, baton or hands on, GBH or death - Glock or Taser


What are the aspects of threat?

Intent, capability, opportunity, environment


What are the aspects of exposure?

Who is exposed? How do we ensure safety and security.


What are the aspects of Necessity?

Act immediately, delay or not at all


Legal authority to use force is derived from the law, which act and sections primarily?

39 - Executing process or arrest
40 - Preventing escape or rescue
41 - Prevention of suicide or certain offences
42 - Prevent breach of the peace
48 - Self defence and defence of another


What are the aspects of response?

Plan of attack, contact and cover. Is it necessary? Proportionate, reasonable in all the circumstances


Is it mandatory to report the use of force after showing or using various tactical options?