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what does disembodied existence mean?

Existing without a physical body.


What does resurrection mean?

Living on after death in a glorified physical form in a new realm.


Define beatific vision?

A face to face encounter with God.


Define purgatory?

A place where people go to temporarily after death to be cleared of sin before they are fit to live with God.


Define Election?

Predestination, chosen by God for heaven or Hell.


Define limited Election?

The view that God only choses a small number of people for heaven.


Define original sin?

A state of wrongdoing in which people are born because of the sin of Adam and Eve.


Define unlimited election?

The view that all people are called to salvation but only a few will be saved.


Define universalism?

The view that all people will be saved.


Define parable?

A story to highlight a moral message.


Define particular judgement?

judgement for each person at the point of death.


Define Parousia?

Used in Christianity to refer to the second coming of Jesus Christ.


What does Christianity teach about what happens to our souls after death?

Christianity teaches that people have souls which are capable of surviving the death of the body.
People are resurrected and live on in a new dimension, some with God in heaven.
According to Christianity there is life after death, but not in this world but in a new kind of existence.


what idea do Christians reject?

Christians reject the idea that a human soul can leave one physical body at the point of death and be reborn into a new physical body in the same world( reincarnation)


Christians also reject Platos idea of the soul and body, what is this?

The soul and body will part company, with the body decomposing whilst the soul moves on by itself- a post- death disembodied existence.


What does Christianity teach instead about the body and soul?

Teaches that life after death will take the form of resurrection, where the person will be given a new spiritual body in which to continue his or her journey into the next life.


What do Christians believe about a person who lives after death?

They believe that the person who lives after death is still the same person but they will be incorruptible.


What do Christians believe?

The resurrection is a miracle from God.


Before Jesus who believed in the resurrection?

Pharisees believed in the resurrection and it is mentioned in the old testament in the book of Daniel. Christians base their belief In the resurrection on Biblical accounts of Jesus' resurrection.


What do the Gospels say about Jesus body after he died?

The Gospels say that after Jesus was crucified and died, his body was placed in a tomb with a heavy stone over the entrance. On the third day the stone had been rolled away and the tomb was empty. Jesus was then seen and heard by his followers, as a man in a physical body.


Christians believe that the resurrection of Jesus demonstrates what?

That they too will be resurrected after death.


What does Paul write about?

Paul writes about life after death in his two letters the Corinthians- He uses metaphors to explain his beliefs.


What does 1 Corinthians say about Pauls beliefs?

In 1 Corinthians he uses the metaphor of a seed transforming into a new plant it will become, to show how the physical earthly body will be transformed to fulfil its potential.


What does 2 Corinthians say about Pauls beliefs?

In 2 Corinthians he uses the metaphor of a tent being replaced with a soli house, to show how life in this world is temporary and will be replaced by something long- lasting, and how life after death will provide a home.


What other metaphor in 2 Corinthians does Paul use?

He uses the metaphor of being naked in this world but clothed in the afterlife, to show that we will no longer need to be ashamed.


traditionally Christians describe the afterlife as what?

Christians describe the afterlife in terms of ' going to heaven'.


What do Christians use to describe heaven?

Christians use different symbols and analogies to describe heaven whilst also accepting that the nature of life after death remains a mystery yet to be revealed.


What are some of the Christian symbols for heaven?

- The idea of returning to a family home
- The idea of a place where there will be no more suffering
- The idea of plenty
- The idea of being surrounded by angels
- The idea of meeting God the father who will be seated on a throne.


What are the descriptions of heaven not meant to be taken?

They are not meant to be taken literally- Most Christians do not believe that heaven is literally a ' place', but instead view it as a spiritual place. Heaven is the state in which a person recognises and accepts God's grace, and is forgiven and made whole ( while hell is a state where a person rejects God and chooses sin).


What do some Christians understand heaven as?

Some Christians understand heaven as the transformation and perfection of the whole of creation, when Jesus will come to earth again ( known as the Parousia or second coming)