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Concrete block lowers the cost of masonry buildings. Steelcase windows lessen the cost and maintenance of windows. Mass production of homes began to sprout as homes begin to follow a few basic floor plans and the development of the ranch-style home create subdivisions of affordable homes.

50's style


These types of buildings were designed with various features to aid in the elimination of heat. High ceilings, raised floors, shed dormers, high-pitched roofs, front and rear porches helped to lessen the effect of high heat. Root cellars and half and full basements provided a cool storage area.

30's Style


Lightweight trusses, plywood and central air-conditioning dramatically increase the speed of construction, and lower the cost of homes. The ranch-style home is perfected for efficiency, equating to a fairly predictable floor plan for each specific subdivision. Architectural diversity begins to be more prevalent at the end of this period. Frame structures begin replaced block.

60s style