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What is the order of the Cyber Tasking Cycle?

1. Strategy Development
2. Target Development
3. Master Cyber Planning
4. Orders Production
5. Execution
6. Assessments


What document describes the overall assessment of the situation, proposed mission, operational concept, prioritized operational level objectives, and a proposed commander’s intent statement?

CEB (Commander's Estimate Brief)


What document is disseminated to direct the implementation of an operational and strategic level plan?

OPORD (Operations Order)


Who is responsible for Strategy Development?

Strategy Division (SRD)


The Strategy Division (SRD) takes the inputs of what two documents to begin development of the Cyberspace Operations Directive (CyOD)

Commander’s Estimate Brief (CEB) and the Operations Order (OPORD)


The Target Development phase is initiated by who?

Strategy Division (SRD)


The plan to conduct proactive network defense will be developed using what process?

JOPP (Joint Operational Planning Process)


What process identifies key items such as the commander’s intent, mission priorities, assigned assets, threat assessments, and 24 AF/CC’s operational scheme for network defense?

JOPP (Joint Operational Planning Process)


The JOPP provides a seven-step proven, comprehensive, analytical methodology common across the services. What are the steps?

(1) Initiation
(2) Mission Analysis
(3) COA development
(4) COA analysis/wargaming
(5) COA comparison
(6) COA approval
(7) Plan/order development


Who is responsible for the de-confliction of assets, implementation planning and the 24th AF/CCs Master Cyber Plan brief? (Phase 3 - Master Cyber Planning)

Combat Plans Division (CPD)


What phase produces CTOs and CCOs to create effects?

Order Production


Who is responsible for orders production?

CPD (Cyber Plans Division)


Who monitors the execution of the AFTCO and CCO tasked AF units?

Combat Operations Division (COD)


Who conducts an initial assessment of full-spectrum cyberspace operations resulting in a Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) report?

COD (Combat Operations Division)


Who reviews the BDA, completes Measures of Effectiveness and provides re-strike considerations?

SRD (Strategy Division)