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What are the benefits of Cyber Force Packaging?

- Terrain access improvement
- Buy-in from the NOS
- Cyberspace Interdiction Package (CIP)
- Tactical Reconnaissance Package (TRP)


What package provides set-up and validation of sensors, scripts, signature alerts, and logging capabilities? (Used to find the enemy)

AFIN Sensor Package (ASP)


What package is used to set-up and enable access to a specific terrain? Typically used for providing access to the 33rd NWS.

AFIN Access Package (AAP)


What package is used to monitor, intercept and mitigate malicious adversaries? (Reactive in nature)

Cyber Alert Patrol (CAP)


What type of package is capable of remotely scanning and accessing systems and services in order to characterize network traffic and identify emerging targets? This package is used for reconnaissance before launching an operation.

Tactical Reconnaissance Package (TRP)


What type of package provides forces that conduct internal active defense operations and are employed after a target is detected? (objectives are to confirm or invalidate emerging targets)

Cyberspace Surveillance Package (CSP)


What type of package is designed to deny, degrade, and disrupt adversary processes, code, C2, communications, sensing, storage, and access capabilities?

Cyberspace Interdiction Package (CIP)


What type of package is designed to identify, locate, and prioritize specified targets before destroying them. This package relies on MOPs and MOEs to declare mission success.

Cyberspace Strike Package (CKP)


What type of package is in stand-by status until tasked? The objectives for this package are crisis-action planned and are therefore assigned the highest priority.

Quick Reaction Force (QRF)


Which team provides in-depth review ensuring compliance w/ DOD policies for cybersecurity; evaluates ops readiness. Reviews the effectiveness of current security policies & recommends/directs changes.

White Team (Inspection Forces)


Which team provides procedural or technical assistance to enhance cybersecurity posture; covers gaps in personnel training or capacity to achieve or sustain security.

Green Team (Force Support)


Which team provides comprehensive eval of DOD cyber terrain. Review posture & processes from the inside-out?

Blue Team (Force Protection)


Which team hunts for and illuminates advanced persistent threats (APTs) in DOD cyber systems and protects priority DOD missions for a specified duration?

Hunt Team (DCC-P, Cyber Patrol)


Which team replicates TTPs of specific cyber threats as appropriate to eval cyber defenses & prepare DOD DCOs. Primarily focused on assessing posture and processes from the outside-in?

Red Team (Threat Emulation)