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What does marketing aim to do?

raise customer awareness of their products


What are product-led businesses?

where businesses produce products that they believe customers will want and try to convince them to buy them


What are market-led businesses?

businesses that develop products based on customers wants and carry out high levels of market research


What is consumer behaviour?

the thoughts consumers have and the actions they take when purchasing products


What are the types of consumer behaviour?

impulse buying, limited decision-making, routine purchases and extensive decision-making


What is impulse buying?

where the customer doesn't plan to buy that item but have been inspired to purchase it by some reason (on offer)


What is limited-decision making?

where the consumer researches the product before buying it


What is extensive decision-making?

where the consumer spends a lot of time researching&thinking about buying item before purchasing- (houses)


What are routine purchases?

where products are purchases without any thought- item bought on regular occasion