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What is culture?

-System of living with different values
- the definition of values can vary for different cultures
-sometimes some values of the culture become law


Where do the values of culture come from?

- History
-Social institutions
-technical and political economy


Different Components of culture

- not exchangable
- hard to decode
- beliefs
- opinions
- observable
- exchangable


Progression in cultural competence

- Better understanding of yourself or nation
- avoiding misunderstandings
- richer, more meaningingful relationships


Hofstede Individualism/Collectivism

Degree to which people prefer place primary emphasis of themselves as individuals or a group


Hofstede Normative - Pragmatic

Normative (short term):
- absolute truth
- great respect for tradition
- quick results
Pragmativ (long term):
- Truth depends on context, situation and time
- ability to adapt traditions to changed conditions
-strong propensity to save and invest
- perserverance


Context of communication

low context:
-direct, to the point, literal
high context:
- have to read between the lines, messages are implied (not directly communicated)


Context of time

Linear Time:
- one thing at a time, strict planning with scheduling and deadlines; no interruptions; good organization over flexibility
Flexible Time:
- interuptions allowed, many things at one time, flexibility over organization


Strategies for intercultural communications

- involves a greater investment of time
- keeping non verbal and context in mind
- avoid yes and no questions
- overcommunicate --> say things more often in different ways