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  • set of beliefs, values, and assumptions about life that are widely held among a group of ppl and that are transmitted across generations



  • primarily a social classification that relies on physical markers such as skin color to identify group membership
  • classification of individuals who possess distinctive physical characteristics that are transmitted genetically



  • shared feeling of ppl hood among a group of individuals
  • cultural membership and is based on individuals sharing similar cultural patterns, languages, traits, customs, or appearances


cultural group

  • ppl w/ common origins, customs, and styles of living; sense of identity and a shared language
    • no cultural group is homogenous, but contains diversity


manifestations of culture

  • core of culture is formed by values
    • broad tendencies for preferences of certain state of affairs to others (good-evil, right-wrong, natural-unnatural)
    • many values remain unconscious to those who hold them
      • therefore, they cannot be discussed or even observed by others
    • values can only be inferredfrom the way ppl act under different circumstances
  • symbols, heroes, and rituals are the tangible or visual aspects of the practices of a culture


immigrant health issues

  • financial constraints
  • language barriers
  • social, religious, and cultural backgrounds
  • immigrants rely on traditional healing or folk health care


cultural competence

  • culturally congruent behaviors
  • practice attitudes
  • nurses work effectively in cross cultural situations
  • culturally effective health care
  • culturally sensitive health care


culturally competent care principles

  • care designed for specific client
  • care based on uniqueness of persons cultures and includes cultural norms/values
  • care includes self empowerments strategies to facilitate client decision making in health behavior


culturally effective healthcare

  • strengthens the nurse pt relationship and maximizes the health status of pt
  • takes into account the beliefs, values, actions, customs, and unique health care needs of distinct population groups


cultural ethnocentrism

  • even though one may recognize the environmental differences and problems associated w/ change, but may focus only on achieving objectives related to the home country
  • may result in loss of effectiveness of care