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Friedman (for)

(American face) Spread of capitalist culture and organisation eg Disney, Apple, Microsoft


Fukuyama (for)

Western democracy is seen as the ‘ideal’- Globally people are protesting for this eg. the right to vote, freedom of speech


Ghonim (for)

(Western ideals of democracy; Supported by Areeba Areeba website) - SPREAD OF WESTERN IDEALS SUCH AS DEMOCRACY


Kirkpatrick (for)

‘The facebook effect’- social media spreading- can be used in revolutions and protests


Fairweather and Rogerson (for)

Cultural homogenisation is occurring due to a range of issues/ reasons eg. computer software- microsoft for example reflects western ways of thinking, advertising- reflect western images of style and appearances as ‘desirable’, antisocial behaviour- the internet reflects western ideas about morality and deviance.


Giddens (against)

Glocalisation- Local cultures are asserting their own culture to resist the spread of western ideologies eg. latinisation in los angeles


Lesaca (against)

Religious Fundamentalists are resisting the spread of Western values, groups such as ISIS are examples of how some local groups will resist and show hatred towards western ‘ideals’.


Tribal Net and Croteau and Hoynes (against)

Digital media companies are now being forced to take into account local practises - local cultures are asserting their own cultures such as tribes therefore forcing capitalism to take them into account eg.