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Which of the following reasons influences the self-esteem component of your self-concept to be inconsistent with how others see you?

A. The feedback you receive is inaccurate because others don’t want to hurt your feelings.
B. You hold on to an idea of yourself that is no longer true.
C. People may not accept or recognize your positive qualities.
D. All of the above are true.

D. All of the above are true.


Which of the following is an example of a type of identity?

A. gender
B. religion
C. age
D. social class
E. all of the above

All of the above.


. With ancestors from France, Tony is proud of his French _____ identity. He enjoys his frequent visits to Paris from his home in Los Angeles.

A. racial
B. national
C. ethnic
D. social class



Ethnic identity is based upon _____ groups, while racial identity is based upon _____ groups.

A. social; genetic
B. genetic; social
C. religious; biological
D. biological; religious

Social; genetic.


In our society, little girls play with dolls and little boys play with trucks. This is a difference prescribed by

A. gender.
B. sex.
C. age identity.
D. sexual identity.



Your sexual identity is _____.

A. private
B. public
C. both public and private
D. none of the above

Both public and private.


Where you live, the income you earn, and your educational achievements are a part of your _____ identity.

A. religious
B. social class
C. sexual
D. national

Social class.


Which of the following skills are useful to improve your communication about identities?

A. be aware that you create self-fulfilling prophecies
B. be tolerant of variations in identity performance
C. remember that people and their identities can change
D. all of the above

All of the above.


Which of the following is NOT a part of the perception process?

A. organization
B. selection
C. interpretation
D. definition



The part of the perception process known as _____ involves attending to just a narrow range of the full array of sensory information available and ignoring the remainder.

A. selection
B. organization
C. interpretation
D. reflection



Both cognitive representations and categorization are types of

A. selection.
B. organization.
C. interpretation.
D. attributional biases.



Your organizational structures or _____, tell you what information belongs together and how to understand what you perceive.

A. cognitions
B. attentives
C. representations
D. templates



Josephine has worked as a pharmaceutical sales representative for several years. She has developed a template for introducing herself to new doctors; she hopes to add as clients. She has developed a(n) _____, which is an aspect of the organization part of the perception process.

A. cognitive representation
B. planning
C. interpersonal scripts
D. categorization

Interpersonal scripts.


You are at the grocery store. You see the person behind you with a cart full of candy, chips, and soda, and you mentally identify him/her as an unhealthy person. You have been using the _____ aspect of the categorization part of the perception process.

A. cognitive representation
B. labeling
C. stereotyping
D. organization



Jess is on a first date with Jim. She was surprised to learn that he wanted to have children and be a stay-at-home dad because she believed that men preferred careers to family life. She has been overgeneralizing or _____ men.

A. misinterpreting
B. stereotyping
C. representing
D. attributing



Elton snapped at a waitress when she delivered the wrong entrée to him. According to the _____, he is likely to make _____ attributions for his own behavior.

A. attributional bias; internal
B. attributional bias; external
C. fundamental attribution error; internal
D. fundamental attribution error; external

Attributional bias; external.


One’s perception can be influenced by

A. physical ability.
B. cognitive complexity.
C. emotion.
D. all of the above.

All of the above.


By the end of this course, you will possess more categories or constructs with which you can understand human communication. This increase in categories or constructs is also referred to as

A. the attribution bias.
B. cognitive complexity.
C. interpersonal scripts.
D. labeling.

Cognitive complexity.


Steve Jobs was a man known for his innovation and leadership; he had a wide range of knowledge on a variety of topics and used them to build a highly successful company. In terms of the perception process, he displayed

A. perception acuity.
B. cognitive complexity.
C. attribution bias.
D. none of these.

Cognitive complexity.


Which of the following personality characteristics can impact the perception process?

A. emotional state
B. outlook
C. knowledge
D. all of these

All of these.


. Because of the role of _____ in the perception process, visual stimulation is given primacy in Western countries, thus leading to the saying “seeing is believing.”

A. power
B. culture
C. social comparison
D. historical time periods



Angela’s negative feelings or _____ toward gay people leads her to believe that they should not be allowed to marry

A. stereotype
B. ethnocentrism
C. prejudice
D. social comparison



Many young women today view having a career as an expected and natural part of life because they grew up in a time after the Women’s Movement in which women fought for and gained greater social rights. This is an example of how the _____ affects perception

A. attribution
B. ethnocentrism
C. social comparison
D. cohort effect

Cohort effect.


Nathan believes he was not admitted to the college of his choice because minorities were admitted before him simply because they were minorities. This is an example of the _____ function of prejudice

A. value-expressive
B. ego-defensive
C. power-expressive
D. social-expressive



The Jason Bourne film and book series highlights a man trained as an assassin. Because of his career, he has extremely high situational awareness (what is going on around him). He perceives the world as a dangerous place. This is an example of how training can affect one’s _____

A. social role
B. ethics
C. culture
D. power

Social role.


All of the following are ways to improve our perception skills EXCEPT

A. practice mindfulness.
B. practice perception checking.
C. rely on visual stimuli to help your perception.
D. distinguish between facts and inferences.

Rely on visual stimuli to help your perception.


The primary communication activity for college students is _____

A. listening
B. speaking
C. writing
D. reading



All of the followings are results of good listening EXCEPT

A. improved health.
B. strong professional relationships.
C. more satisfying personal relationships.
D. more enjoyment of your life.

More enjoyment of your life.


Which of the following is NOT one of the four stages of listening?

A. sensing
B. hearing
C. evaluating
D. responding



When Lisa goes to see movies, she tends to remember the main themes of the film, how well the themes were developed in the plot, and how credibly the themes were performed by the actors. Lisa probably has which of the following listening styles?

A. action-oriented
B. content-oriented
C. people-oriented
D. time-oriented