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What are Conservative Christians?

Conservative Christians argue that although scripture was written by humans it was inspired by God, and in some way God spoke through their words. They believe in the inerrancy of the Bible.

These Christians would argue that some biblical content was written at the writer’s time and may be outdated.
In the Bible there are spiritual truths but parts of it may need to reinterpreted in the light of new discoveries such as the Big Bang theory and evolution.


What are Liberal Christians?

Liberal Christians argue the creation accounts are not literally true but contain religious truths and messages.
They would argue that sometimes the writers of the Bible used myths or stories to convey certain truths or facts about God.


In the 'Phenomenon of Man'  The French Philosopher Pierre Telihard de Chardin claimed what?

Evolution is therefore part of God’s plan for the ultimate fate of mankind.
We are constantly becoming more and more intelligent as a species, this is what God intends.


Ernest Lucas a former biochemist, speaking about the Bible’s account of creation, says what?

It is a form of narrative, but one in which truth is put across in a symbolic way, because it was dealing with the big questions of life – the questions of meaning and purpose. I think these are more powerfully put across in story form.