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What is proto-toungue?

The original language


What is language divergence?

When speakers of the same language scatter and develop variations of that original form of the language to meet their needs in the new surroundings (ex: they never had a word for snake so when they saw one they had to make it up)


What is language shift?

When speakers come into contact with other languages and a blending of the 2 or more languages occurs.


What is language replacement?

When invaders replace the language of those places they conquer


What is reverse reconstruction?

The process of tracking a language's diffusion


What is the conquest theory?

The theory that indo-european diffusion began in the empire-building Kurgan culture located in the steppe region of Russia, north of the Caspian Sea


What is the agriculture theory?

The theory that indo-european diffusion started in a farming community in Europe's Danube River region


What is a creole language?

When a pidginized language becomes part of a culture and is written down (ex: Pidgin French)