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Who is Carl Sauer?

A famous 20th century geographer who asserted that wherever a human culture exists, a cultural landscape exists as that culture's unique "fingerprint" on their space on the Earth


What is a culture trait?

A single attribute of a culture (ex: bowing to show respect)


What is a culture complex?

The combination of all culture traits creates a unique set of traits called a culture complex


What is a culture system?

When many culture complexes share particular traits, those complexes can merge to form a culture system


What is a culture region?

A region that's drawn around places and people with similarities in their culture systems


How is a culture/ geographic realm formed?

It's formed through the fusing together of culture regions that share enough in common to be merged together


What is stimulus expansion diffusion?

When the innovative idea diffuses from its hearth outward, but the original idea is changed by the new adopters (ex: iced tea diffused to the south, southerners added sugar)


What is migrant diffusion?

When the innovation spreads and lasts only a brief time in the newly adopting place


What is an independent innovation?

When similar or the same innovation is made in 2 or more different hearths without any interaction


What transculturation?

When 2 cultures of equal power/ influence meet and exchange ideas/ traits without the domination seen in acculturation and assimilation


What is a barrio?

A spanish-speaking ethnic enclave


What is social distance?

The measurement of how distant two ethnicities are from each other (not spatially)


What is the difference between ethnic cleansing and genocide?

Ethnic cleansing is a process in which a racial/ ethnic group tries to make another racial/ ethnic group leave a land area, genocide is the killing of a racial/ethnic group by another racial/ethnic group


What's an example of genocide?

Yugoslavia's leader led a genocide campaign against Albanians in Kosovo, Serbia


What is cultural imperialism?

The invasion of the culture into another with the intent of dominating the invaded culture politically, economically, and/ or socially


What is cultural nationalism?

The resistance by a group of people against cultural imperialism and cultural convergence. For example, nationalists who believe McDonald's is a symbol of American cultural imperialism have attacked McDonald's restaurants in regions of Europe, Asia, and Africa


What is maldaptive diffusion?

The adoption of a diffusing trait that is impractical for a region or culture. For example wearing blue jeans is a popular culture trait that has diffused across the world, but it isn't practical for warmer regions