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[ 1,4,6,y]

If the average of (arithmetic mean) of the set of numbers above is 6, then what is the median

A) 5
B) 6
C) 7
D) 13
E) 24



Then median is average of 6 and 4 (I.e two center points)
Hence median is 5


Sam and Jessica are invited to a dance. If there are 7 men and 7 women in total at the dance and one women and one man are chosen to lead the dance. What's the probability that Sam and Jessica will not be selected.

A) 1/49
B) 1/7
C) 6/7
D) 47/49
E) 48/49


Prob that Sam is selected is 1/7
Prob that Jessica is selected is 1/7

Prob that both are selected is 1/7 * 1/7 = 1/49

Therefore prob that both will notbe selected is 1- 1/49 = 48/49

Hence E is the answer.


DS: What is the surface area of rectangular solid y

1) the dimensions of one one face of rectangular solid are 2/3
2) the area of another face of rectangular solid y is 6.


We do not know which side is used for these other area.


A six sideddie with faces numbered 1 through 6 is rolled three times. What is the probability that the face with thenumber6 on it will not face upwards on all three rolls.

A) 1/216
B) 1/6
C) 2/3
D) 17/18
E) 215/216


Prob that number 6 will come is 1/6

So prob that it will outcome for all the three rolls is 1/6 * 1/6 * 1/6 = 1/216

Therefore the probability that it will not come is 1-1/216 = 215/216


DS: What is sum of x,y and z?

1) 2x + y + 3z = 45
2) x + 2y = 30


Add the two equations

3x + 3y + 3z = 75

Hence the two equations combined give the answer.


A department store receives a shipment of 1,000 shirts for which it pays 9,000. The store sells shirts at a price 80 percent above cost for one month, after which it reduces the price of the shirts to 20 percent above the cost. The store sells 75 percent of the shirts during the first month and 50 percent of the remaining shirts afterwards. How much gross income did sales of the shirts generate

A) 10,000
B) 10,800
C) 12,150
D) 13,500
E) 16,200

Cost per short is 9

750 shirts sold in the first month
125 shirts sold in the second

20% = 1/5
120% = 6/5

Similarly 80% = 4/5
180% = 9/5

Then 750*9*9/5 + 125*9*6/5 = 13,500 hence D is the answer


David has three credit cards, an everywhere card, and and American local card and a passport card. He owes balances on all three cards. Does he owe the greatest balance o. Th everywhere card.

1) the sum of the balances on everywhere card and the American local card is 1350 which is three times the balance on his passport card

2) the balance on his everywhere card is 4/3 of the balance on his passport card and 4/5 of the balance on his American local card.


Shows that everywherecsrd is less than both other cards.


Automobile A is traveling at two thirds the speed that automobile B is traveling. How fast is automobile A traveling.

1) if both automobiles increased their speedby 10miles per hour, automobile A would be travelling at three quarters the speed that automobile B would a travelling

2) if both automobile decreased their sped by 10 miles per hour. Automobile A would be travelling at half the speed that automobile B would be travelling.



a and b are non zero integers such that 0.35a = 0.2b. What isthe value of b in terms of a.

A) 0.07a
B) 0 57a
C) 0.7 a
D) 1.75a
E) 17.5a



The binary ice cream shoppe sells two favors, vanilla and chocolate. On fridaythe ratio of vanilla cones to chocolate cones sold was 2 to 3. If the stores had sold 4 more vanilla cones, the ratio of vanilla cones sold to chocolate cones sold would have been 3 to vanilla cones did the store sell on Friday.

A) 32
B) 35
C) 42
D) 48
E) 54


V/C = 2/3

(V+4)/C = 3/4

Put v in eq 2

C= 48 and from the calculate v = 32


Is integer a a prime number
1) 2a has exactly three factors
2) a is an even number.


Only number with which we can get three factors is 2

I.e 2, 4 and 1

Even if we put 3 we get four factors. I.e 2,1,3,6.
Therefore A is the answer.

B is insufficient.


Renee rides her bicycle 20 miles in m minutes. If she can ride x miles in 10 minutes, which of the following equals x

A) m/200
B) m/20
C) m/2
D) 2m
E) 200/m


Per minute = 20/m
Per minute = x/10

20/m = x/10
X= 200/m



If s and w ar integers, is w/5 an integer

1) 4s + 2 is divisible by 5
2) w + 3 = 4s


If 4s + 2 is a factor of 5 then s = 2,12,22.....
Plug these in the 2nd equation it will show that w is not divisible by 5 hence answer is C.


A store raised the price of an item by exactly 10 percent. Which of the following could not. E the resulting price of the item.

A) 5.50
B) 7.60
C) 11
D) 12.10
E) 75.90


110x/100 = answers

Put in answers and check which ones satisfy. Only B does not satisfy.

All others are completely divisible by 11


The price for a pair of cuff links is 1. The price for a 5 pair cuff link is usd 3.40. The 5 pair package is what percent cheaper per pair than 5 pairs purchased separately.

A) 63%
B) 62%
C) 47%
D) 32%
E) 20%


3.40/500 = 0.68
1-0.68 = 32% hence D