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Which major coronary artery does more to supply the conductance system of the heart?

What branch of that major artery is so vital?

left coronary artery

anterior interventricular artery


Which side has the brachiocephalic trunk?

What comes off of the brachiocephalic trunk?

the right side

right common carotid and right subclavian arteries


What are the 2 terminal arteries of the internal thoracic artery?

Which one is medial & which one is lateral?

musculophrenic A (lateral)

superior epigastric A (medial)


What artery does the anterior intercostal artery come off of?

internal thoracic artery


What are the 3 sources of blood to the mammary tissue/gland?

Lateral mammary A (from lateral thoracic A)

Medial mammary A (from internal thoracic A)

Lateral cutaneous branches of posterior intercostal arteries


Describe path of the aorta

distal to L vent & aortic valve, travels superiorly as ascending aorta, turns LET as aortic arch & travels inferiorly as descending aorta thru thorax


When does the thoracic aorta become the abdominal aorta?

when passes thru aortic hiatus of the thoracic diaphragm & enters into abdomen


What procedure helps remove obstruction of the coronary arteries?

Coronary artery bypass graft

replace segment of coronary artery by using part of great saphenous vein or radial artery


What is a coronary angioplasty?

insertion of a small balloon catheter into lumen of coronary artery

inflate balloon to flatten obstructing plaque against wall & increase size of lumen to improve blood flow


What is a pulmonary embolism?

obstruction of a pulmonary artery by an embolus (blood clot, fat or air bubble)

passes thru vein & into R side of heart & into pulmonary arteries, limits gas exchange in that location


What are the 2 branches of the ascending aorta?

the left & right coronary arteries


Name the branches of the R coronary artery

sinuatrial nodal A
conus branch
atrial branch
right marginal A
atrioventricular nodal A
posterior interventricular A
R posterolateral A


What supplies the left ventricle?

posterior left ventricular A (off circumflex A)

R posterolateral A (from post IV A off R coronary A)


Name the branches of the L coronary artery

anterior interventricular A
circumflex A


What 3 arteries supply the diaphragm?

Musculophrenic A (internal thoracic A)

Pericardiophrenic A (internal thoracic A)

Superior phrenic A (descending thoracic aorta)


What cardiac vein empties directly into the right atrium without passing through the coronary sinus?

anterior cardiac veins


What vein runs with the posterior interventricular artery?

middle cardiac vein


What vein runs with the circumflex artery?

great cardiac vein


what vein runs with the right marginal artery?

small cardiac vein


what vein runs with the anterior interventricular artery?

great cardiac vein


What supplies the R atrium?

atrial branch of the R coronary artery


What supplies the interventricular septum?

interventricular septal branches

(off of posterior interventricular A of R coronary A & anterior interventricular A of L coronary A)


What supplies the left ventricle?

R posterolateral A from R coronary A & Posterior left ventricular A from circumflex A


What are the 2 branches of the left coronary A?

anterior interventricular A & circumflex A


What comes off of the arch of the aorta?

brachiocephalic trunk, left common carotid A & left subclavian A
axillary A


Where does the internal thoracic A come from?

left subclavian A


What is the primary blood supply to the pericardium of the heart?

pericardiophrenic A (off internal thoracic A)


What supplies the superior portion of serratus anterior m?

superior thoracic a


What supplies the intercostal muscles?

lateral thoracic A (off of axillary A)


What are the branches of the descending (thoracic) aorta?

unpaired visceral branches
paired lateral visceral branches
paired segmental parietal branches
superior phrenic A