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What is CPD?

1. Continuing: Life long learning, ongoing progress

2. Professional: focused on your personal and individual competence at work

3. Development: improve your professional skills to improve patient care and your career progress


What is the CPD cycle?

1. Planning

2. Action

3. Evaluation

4. Reflection


What is reflective practice?

1. Application of reflection with the intention of improve our professional practice

2. Involves self evaluation or changing and modifying practice in response to feedback from others

3. Or self reflection or assessment


How do you start a CPD entry at reflection?

Describe what you want to learn and why learning is necessary


Describe the CPD entry of planning

1. Setting a realistic time frame for learning

2. The impact and importance of your learning on yourself and others

3. How will you meet the development you have identified

4. Range of learning activities and their advantages + disadvantages


Describe the CPD entry of action

1. Carry out one or more of the activities suggested within the time frame

2. Describe what you have learnt


Describe the CPD entry of evaluation

1. Complete the cycle and is your assessment of how effective your learning has been

2. Did you apply what you learnt?

3. How has this benefited your practice?

4. Have you achieved your outcomes and if not why?

5. Plans for future


Whats the difference between action and reflection?

1. Unplanned learning
2. Single activity

1. Planned Learning
2. Multiple activities
3. More in depth learning