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Define Corrective Makeup

An illusion through proper use of contour and highlighter on specific areas, decreasing or increasing the size of facial features or shapes


What is the basic corrective rule?

Highlighting emphasizes the area (brings forwards)
Contouring minimizes the area (pushes back)


Contouring products should be...

Darker then the skin
Cream or powder textures
Matte finishes
Note: Contouring VS Bronzing


Highlighting products should be...

Lighter than the skin
Cream or powder textures
Illuminating or matte finishes
Note: Highlighting Vs Illuminating


When determining the face shape what 4 steps should you follow?

1. Pull hair away from the face
2. Look straight onto your client
3. Observe length vs width
4. Observe where the widest areas of the face are


What are the 7 Face Shapes?

1. Oval
2. Diamond
3. Round
4. Square
5. Oblong
6. Pear (Triangular)
7. Heart (Inverted Triangle)


Where do you apply product when Face Mapping?

- Eyebrow Bone to open eyes
- Forehead to accentuate and bring dimension
- Cheekbones to bring forward
- Nose Bridge to appear straighter
- Cupid’s Bow to make lips appear bigger
- Chin to accentuate and make lips look bigger


Points on using Highlighter and Contour

- Use cream contour, concealer, or foundation
- Highlight 1-2 shades lighter, Contour 1-2 shades darker