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Define CIII (including relative location)

- Factor that maintains CII,
- Required for lysogenic pathway
- Found just past tL


Define N (including relative location)

- Turns on delayed early
- required for both lysogeny and lysis
- product found in PLOL


Define cI (including relative location)

- Repressor that facilitates the lysogenic pathway
- Product found past PRM


Define cro (including relative location)

- turns off repressor (cI)
- facilitates the lytic cycle
- product of PROR


Define cII (including relative location)

- Turns on cI
- Required for the lysogenic pathway
- found past tR


Define Q (including relative location)

- Turns on late lytic cycle
- Found far into the plasmid away from Promoter


What two genes are transcribed in the immediate early phase?

cro and N


What genes are transcribed in the delayed early phase

Q, cii and ciii
9 other miscellaneous genes


What occurs in the late stage of the lytic pathway?

Transcription occurs at PR (between Q and S) and pQ allows it to continue to all late genes


What are the three parts of the c1 repressor?

1. Homo-Dimerization portion
2. Connector
3. DNA-binding


How does c1 inhibit Cro and N while activating its own transcription?

It binds to operator regions 1 and 2, while facilitating the binding of RNA pol to region 3.


Define cooperative binding

A first site is filled up first, which causes a second site to become more attractive for binding.


What are two ways that transcription stimulates lysogeny at PRE

1. It allows initial expression of the C1 repressor
2. It produces anti-sense RNA for cro