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What is artificial contraception

A method of contraception which prevents contraception during sex


What is natural contraception

Avoiding conception by avoiding sex at certain times of the month (natural family planning)


What different methods of contraception exist

- natural family planning
- barrier methods e.g condom
- hormonal methods e.g contraceptive pill
- sterilisation
- intrauterine device can prevent implantation
- morning after pill


What is the Catholic attitude to contraception

- artificial contraception is morally wrong
- parents should take into account their own welfare and that of their children
- only natural family planning should be used to plan family size
- artificial contraception stops the creative aspect of sex
- some forms of contraception are seen as early abortions
- contraception can lead to sexual promiscuity


What is the non Catholic view on contraception

- christians can use contraception responsibly
- should only be used by married couples
- sex can be just unitive
- the bible doesn't directly forbid the use of contraception
- can help to reduce the spread of STI's such as aids


What two groups can methods of contraception be split into

Artificial and natural