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5 steps to deciding what to buy

Grewal and; Levy 2015
1. Need Recognition
2. Search for Info
3. Alternative evaluation
4. Purchasing and consumption
5. Post purchase outcomes


Factors that affect the purchase process

Psychological - hierarchy of needs, attitude, perception, lifestyle
Social - family, reference groups, culture
Situational - shopping enviro, temporal state


conspicuous consumption def

Veblen (1899) consumers who buy expensive items to display income or gain social status rather than cover real needs of consumers


Kuwait luxury clothing

Al-Mutawa et al 2015
western luxury fashion brands among muslim women in Kuwait help foster consumer escapism: allow consumers to identify with a certain practice without having to participate in them directly
- wearing a wealthy brand communicates felinity (sexual) & masculinity (financial) traits



Jacobs 2013 - hired because of the direct impact of culture on business


rejectors of materialism

Jafari et a 2012 - those who don't approve of mainstream consumption paradoxically become a new segment of consumers that become a target for marketers - green marketing


customer journey

Edelman and Singer 2015
this is how people move from considering a product to purchasing it and bonding with the brand with the aim to establish a loyalty loop


herd mentality

salganik et al 2006
the more info participants have about the decisions of others, the more in agreement they show about what products are superior


social networks and self esteem

wilcox and stephen 2013
individuals with close social networks experience a boost of self-esteem while browsing which reduces self contral (see purchasing happen here)
5 minute does of FB has tangible effects on self control


Milgrim experiment

people are willing to do a lot if they think they are listening to an expert


national & global identities and consumption

Barikowski and Walsh 2015
how consumers national and global identities relate to a reluctance to purchase foreign products in favor of domestic alternatives
it is important to remember that contact with other cultures does not systematically increase cultural homogeneity


why is culture important to consider

it is the most profound shaper of consumption - cleveland et al 2011



we now have similar markets with similar needs but different cultures populate them with different wants - cleveland et al 2011



cleveland et al 2011
judging a culture based on the values and standards of ones own culture


consumption and nationalism

lekakis2015 - political consumption after greece's austerity measures
BUT MY CRITIQUE could just play on innate nationalism of a country - Chubbies



ustunier and holt 2010
commodities originated in the west are subjected to reinterpretation to make them locally meaningful


creating urgency on internet example

Zappos alert customers when items they have put in their shopping cart are almost sold out


example of reference groups affecting consumption

the Kate Effect during engagement and wedding, etc, the whatkatewore website helped consumers to be influenced by social factors


conspicuous consumption examples

Hermes Birkin Bag, any luxury items
Instagram and holidays


example of conspicuous consumption for alternative consumers

green halo and the prius


example of ethnocentric consumption

chubbies - flags


loyalty loop example

L'oreal makeup genius
virtual makeup app created to understand the combinations people use
primary focus on being the scenes options and allows for experience
streamlines the decision journey with a smaller loop: loyalty loop
compresses consider stem and eliminates the evaluate stem - locks consumers in
customer enjoy the product, advocate, bond with it, and maybe bit it