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Statements or drawings that modify the basic contract documents after the letters have been issued to the bidders, but prior to taking the bids.


Addition (to the contract sum)

an amount added to the contract sum either by an accepted additive alternate or by change order.


advertisement for bids

Published public notice soliciting proposals for a construction project.



One who acts on behalf of another>


Alternate Bid

Proposal by bidder for amount to be subtracted from, or added to, the base bid if the corresponding change in the work is accepted


Americans with disabilities Act (ADA)

Federal Civil rights legislation that establishes the right of persons with disabilities to equal access to sites and buildings, and sets design guidelines for its implementation


Application for Payment

Contractor's written request for payment of amount due on account of work completed and/or materials suitably stored on the site. Also called payment request


Approved Equal

Material or method that is approved by the architect as being equivalent to what was originally specified.



an alternative to litigating a dispute, in which one or more arbitrators hears the evidence and renders a decision.


as built drawings

Drawings revised to show
changes made during construction. Sometimes
erroneously called As-Built Drawings. ***See record drawings***


Barrier-free provisions

regulations that provide for accessibility to buildings and sites for persons with disabilities


base bid

the sum of money stated in the bid for which the bidder offers to do the work, not including any alternate bids.


basic services

the architectural services normally required for a building project, usually consisting of schematic design, design development, construction documents, bidding or negotiation, and construction contract administration.



a proposal by a contractor ot do the wok required by the contract documents for a stipulated sum of money.


bid bond

a surety bond guaranteeing that teh bidder will sign a contract, if offered, in accordance with his or her proposal.


bidding documents

the invitation to bid, instructions to bidders, bid form, and the contract documents.



An agreement under which one
party (the surety or bonding company) guarantees to make good to another party (the obligee
or owner) the debt, default, or failure to perform of a third party (the principal or contractor). See bid bond, labor and material payment
bond, and performance bond. see surety bond


bonus and penalty clause

a provision in the construction contract for payment of a bonus to the contractor for completing the project prior to a specific date, and for a charge (penalty) against the contractor for failing to complete the project by that date.


cash allowance

an amount included in the contract sum to cover the cost of certain items not specified in detail. hardware and other finish items are often handled in this manner.


certificate for payment

a statement by the architect informing the owner of the amount due the contractor on account for work completed and/or materials suitably stored.


certificate of occupancy

a document issued by the government authority stating that a building complies with applicable laws and permitting occupancy for its designated use.


certificate of substantial completion

a document prepared by the architect stating that the work is substantially complete, thereby establishing the date of substantial completion. it generally fixes the time within which the contractor must complete the unfinished work listed.


change in services (of the architect)

professional services rendered by the architect, upon the owner's request, in addition to the basic services identified in the owner-architect agreement. also called extra services.


change order

a written order to the contractor, prepared by the architect and signed by the owner, contractor, and architect, which authorizes a change in the work, the contract sum, or the contract time.


clerk of the works

the owner's job site representative


completion bond

a bond obtained by the contractor or owner, which guarantees that the project will be completed free of liens.


comprehensive services

the architect's basic services expanded to include certain additional services, such as programming, land use studies, ect.


construction budget

the sum established by the owner as available fro construction of the project. see project budget.


construction change directive

a document signed by the owner and the architect, which authorizes a change in the work, the contract sum, or the contract time. used when there is not complete agreement on the terms of a change order. see change order.


construction documents

working drawings and specifications