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Consituion adopted when where

Sept 17 1787 in philly pen


7 articles

1- legislature ( rep / voice of people)
2. President (executive)
3. Court
4. Full faith in credit - no state can use law to discriminate against citizens in diff state
5. Constitution!
6. How states bound to follow constitution
7. Ratification / constitution approved- not used


How amany amendments out of 10k were approved ?



First 10 commandments known as

Bill of rights


1. Freedom of speech

It is limited, can't cause panic, false Cali,s, swearing

Religion- can't break laws behind. Religion


2. Right to bear arms

Citizens have right but is limited
They can check license, background check, size, age, limit


3. In atomie of peace no solider will be quarter in ones house even inwar



4. Right against unreasonable search and seizure

Need warrent or probable cause
This protects the gov not private citizens
Warrent- doc issued by judge
Search warrent- police search person place thing, evidence of crime, proved to have probable cause


4. Right against unreasonable search and seizure continued - there are accept ions

Courts grapple with search- public safety concern
Persons legit expectation of privacy what's being search (ppl,place,thing)
To get warrent issues- show doc of probable cause
Oat and affirmation- swear your telling truth


4. Right against unreasonable search and seizure continued - there are accept ions

Search incident to armrest with public safety concern
Plain view exception- wave privacy rights
Existent circumstance- then/there
Hot pursuit- chase burgulry into place


5. Right to grand jury/ no double jeapordy, due process, no prop taken without just compensation

Exceptions to Miranda rights - spontaneous statements & pedigree info

Protects us from gov
Can't be charged with same crime twice
Don't have to give evidence/confession against yourself (Miranda rights)
Gov can't take life liberty property without due process- notice and opportunity has to be heard


6. Right to speedy trial/public/council (lawyer)
Prosay- represent yourself in court by waving right to attorney/jury

If court empty or ppl not there it's still fair
Speedy trial clock stopped if decent wants it and omnibus motions
Right to confront accusers- jury trial in criminal cases n(not petty offenses)


7. Right to a _______ trial during civil case

Right to a jury trial in civil case


8. No excessive bail/cruel unusual punishment

No unreasonable bail mad
Judge is fair - innocent free until proven guilty
Cruel- excessively painful or brutal
Unusual- punishment unfitting of crime
Controversy or humane ways for death penalty
Life liberty property proves pro death penalty


9. Bill of rights isn't comprehensive -

They aren't the only rights people have
U have more right


10. States can come up with laws based on things not in constitution

Public school standard in each state can be diff


End of bill of rights - now onto other amendments



14 amendment- dude process of law states can't deny us our rights from within bill of rights

They can give more rights than what's in constitution but NOT LESS
Due process clause - binding states to due process
Citizens clause- everyone can have citizenship
Equal protection clause


16- enables federal gov to collect ______ taxes 1913)

Income tax


18 prohibition of ______ consumption / selling / holding



21- takes away the 18th amendment of alcohol prohibit (1933)

Alcohol is now allowed


24th amendment Prohibits government from collecting ______ taxes (1964)

This is so everyone can vote even ppl without money


19- women have the right to _____




Equal Rights Movement
Debate on how constitution is interpreted
Monolithic - read literally with no change
Guide post- can change as society changes