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Digital revolution

Over the last few decades there has been a shift from analogue, mechanical and electrical technology to digital technology, for example the use of online newspapers and a range of radio and TV channels through satellite and cable in conjunction with the growth of computers, smartphones and tablets with a range of programmes and apps.



'Information Age'- we are moving from an industrial to an information age due to determining informational technology that organise logic and principles. World has shifted from industrialism to informationalism; economic activity is conducted through networking; world has become a smaller place



‘Identity’: Individuals can adopt multiple personalities online, which can also impact on people’s offline lives both negatively and positively.



‘Virtual Communities’: Identity can be changed online such as ‘Second Life’; a virtual community where you can appear however you want to appear through changing things such as hair style



‘Virtual Communities’: Digital forms of communications create and maintain relationships. Cybercity is a virtual community as they have similar characteristics to a city



‘Media Convergence’: seperate forms of media can be accessed through one device, social media profiles are also interlinked eg. you can access facebook friends on Instagram; these patterns of convergence have been adopted to promote Western, capitalist ideas such as the pursuit of profit, and material objects presented as important through advertisements



‘Globalisation’: ‘reverse colonialism’- practises from non-western societies are colonising the way things are done in western societies.



‘Globalisation has an American face’: popular items that we use everyday are often American; the spread of American values


Changes in social media

In 2014, pinterest and instagram were the fastest growing forms of social media and they are more used by women than men (


Global village - Mcluhan

New information can be passed on electronically due to it “moving at the speed of light” creating new patterns of communication and social interactions. The creation of a global village means that “everybody lives in the utmost proximity created by our electric involvement in one another’s lives”.