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At a fire you come across an Unconscious member and give a Mayday. What information is provided with that Mayday?

A. "Engine 222 to Command, MAYDAY-INJURED MEMBER
or MAYDAY UNCONSCIOUS MEMBER" and provides the
following information: LUNR
 Location
 Unit and identity of the injured member
 Nature and extent of the injuries, if known
 Resources needed
Com 9 SEC 9.4.1 C


As a Lt. you realize you are Missing your Can Man so you get on the Radio transmit "MAYDAY-MAYDAY-MAYDAY, Ladder 11 to Command,
MAYDAY." What info do you provide?

"Ladder 11 to Command, MAYDAY- MISSING MEMBER" and provides the following information: LUNA
 Last known location or reference point
 Unit the member is working in that tour
 Name of affected member
 Assignment (e. g., roof, nozzle)
Com 9 SEC 9.4.1 D


You are the OV of the FAST unit and have been dispatched to find the Missing Member. Crawling thru the basement you find the member unconscious. “MAYDAY-MAYDAY-MAYDAY, Ladder 43 FAST OV to
command, MAYDAY is your transmission and what info do you provide?

“Ladder 43 FAST OV to command MAYDAY, MISSING
MEMBER LOCATED” and provide the following information: LIAR
 Location
 Identity of member(s) to determine if it is the member(s)
reported missing.
 Any imminent conditions that might affect the missing
member(s) e.g., fire nearby, out of air.
 Resources needed to reach safety
Com 9 SEC 9.4.1 D


For a Lost or trapped member located give a Mayday and follow up with what info?

“Ladder 105 FAST to Command, MAYDAY, TRAPPED or
LOST MEMBER LOCATED” and provide the following
 Identity of the member(s) involved
 Location
 Any imminent conditions that might affect the
trapped/lost member(s) e.g., fire nearby, out of air.
 Resources needed to reach safety
Com 9 SEC 9.4.1 E


A member is found with a Non-Life Threatening Injury...."URGENT-URGENT-URGENT, Engine 161 to Command,
URGENT." What additional info is provided?

following format:
"Engine 161 to Command, URGENT-INJURED MEMBER", and
provide the following information: LUNR
 Location
 Unit and identity of the injured member
 Nature and extent of injuries.
 Resources needed
Com 9 SEC 9.4.2


When is a Mayday given?

IOU My Total Life
Imminent (collapse), Injury(life threatening)
Occurred (collapse)
Lost, Located
Get Out used by BC when collapse imminent


When is an Urgent Given?

Discontinue WIFE
Discontinue interior attack (back out)
Water Loss
Injury (non-life threatening)
Feared (collapse)
Extending (fire)
Condition change that will severely impact ops
Cease HT Transmissions (IC control of HT)


Follow the directions included in the Mayday/Urgent transmission. Maintain radio
discipline. Do not transmit the following, unless

 Called by the RCO
 You have to transmit a Mayday/Urgent of your own
 You have critical information affecting the Mayday/Urgent
 You have **CRITICAL** information regarding the on-going operation
Comm 9 Add2 Sec 5.1


When EFAS starts it is programmed to automatically download the latest version of the Spare Radio database. True or False

This will be indicated in the bottom center of the task bar.
“RADIO LIST: UPDATED” identifies the most current list. It will show the date and
time in green letters.
SEC 9.2 Add 3
members who are assigned a spare radio will be identified by their Company and
Riding position
SEC 9.1 Add 3


What Channels can a Company officer request recordings of ?

Company Officers can request a recording of handie-talkie transmissions on the Primary and
Secondary Tactical channels.
Ch 1 and Ch 3
Com 9 Sec 8.2 Add 1


Officers requesting handie-talkie recording shall do what ?

1. Complete the Handie-Talkie Recording
Request Form and fax it directly to the Handie-Talkie Recording Unit.
2. The original Request Form shall then be forwarded through the chain of command to the
**Borough Commander**
Com 9 Sec 8.1 Add 1


It would be unusual for an Officer to request recordings for an incident at which that
Officer’s unit did not operate. Any such request will be considered by who ?

Will be considered by the ** Bureau of Operations** , but will be granted only if there are valid reasons justifying such request.
Com 9 Sec 8.3 Add 1


Requests for recordings that are of a serious nature will be granted by whom ?

Requests for recordings of incidents involving serious injuries, fatalities or high profile
incidents will be made available only at the direction of the Chief of Operations.
Com 9 Sec 8.7 Add 1


There have been situations where the emergency roll call has been delegated to
and conducted by Who ?

1. Company officer,
2. Experienced Battalion firefighter
3.Division firefighter pending the arrival of a special called Roll Call Chief Officer.
Com 9 Sec 1.2 Add 2


If conditions
require the emergency roll call to be conducted by a company officer, the IC must do what ?

Consider special calling a replacement unit for the company conducting the roll call
Com 9 Sec 1.2 Add 2


The Bureau of Operations mandates training roll calls to be conducted how often ? and after what ?

Quarterly (January,
April, July and October).
These training roll calls will be conducted upon the completion
of operations to keep members well versed in emergency roll call procedures.
Chief officers should use this time to have **Company officers** conduct the training roll calls as a
way to prepare for an actual occurrence.
Com 9 Sec 1.3 Add 2


All officers of all companies will answer when called by the Roll Call Officer
(RCO), stating What ??

the number of firefighters they **responded with** and accounting only for
the members **within sight or hearing without using the HT **
Com 9 SEC 1.4 Add 2
Note Remember to say Responding with 4 firefighters if riding understaffed

“L-123 to Roll Call Officer, L-123 has 4 firefighters, we are riding without an OV, my
Can and Irons firefighters are accounted for.”


There are many situations where emergency roll calls are necessary. Some examples are ??

Mayday transmission for
1.Collapse Imminent
2.Collapse Occurred,

Urgent Transmission for
3.Interior attack discontinued and exterior attack instituted
4. Loss of water endangering members.
5. Anytime a ** building OR area** is evacuated
6. Anytime the IC determines an emergency roll call is necessary to account for members.
Com 9 Sec 2.1 Add 2


Utilize the Emergency Alert Tone on the HT. You must deactivate the emergency alert
button after gaining control of the HT. Failure to do so will cause the letters “EM” to be
displayed every time a transmission is made from your HT. Your beacon tone will also
continue to sound every ??

4 seconds.
Com 9 Sec 3.2 Add 2


The member conducting the emergency roll call must have an updated list of all
companies on the scene. An updated printout can be accessed from ANY apparatus MDT
on the scene, What are the steps ?

 Press the “Incident Summary” button - A blank form will appear requesting several
pieces of information e.g., date, box. This information does not need to be entered.
 Press “Send”
 Press “Next” to retrieve the rundown of units.
 Press “Print” for the MDT to print the rundown.
Com 9 Sec 4.1 Add 2


If a company officer does not answer when called, the RCO will call who ??

Call a firefighter
operating with that officer or call another company operating in the immediate area of
that officer, in an attempt to locate them.
Com 9 Sec 4.10 Add 2


On start-up, EFAS will automatically download the latest Spare Radio Database
True or False

Com 9 Sec 3.1.2 Add 3


Officers arriving at an incident, after they have transmitted their 10-84 via the
MDT, must key their handie-talkie remote microphone..How many Times ?

Once in order to “check in”.
Keying the handie-talkie remote microphone will have all members of the unit
recognized by EFAS.
Com 9 Sec 3.1.5 Add 3


The portable Efas is carried where ? and charged when ?

Div vehicles Only
Charged Weekly and After each use
Com 9 Sec 10 Add 3


When a member activates their Emergency Alert
Button, their identity line in EFAS will automatically be highlighted. Their
COMPANY, POSITION and NAME will be listed in red in both the “RADIO STATUS”
and “MAYDAYS” areas
A hard copy will also be printed out with what info ?

In addition, a hard copy automatically prints showing the company, position and
**TIME** of Mayday
Sec 4.1.2 Add 3