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What are looking for in an ideal candidate?

Show how you meet those qualifications


I have a number of accomplishments I'd like to tell you about, but I want to make the best use of our time together and talk directly to your needs. To help me do, that, could you tell me more about the most important priorities of this position? All I know is what I (heard from the recruiter, read in the classified ad, etc.)

Use the answers to highlight your accomplishments and to reveal your strong candidacy for the position. Followup with 2nd and 3rd question: - And in addition to that? - Is there anything else you see as essential for this position?


Can you describe the top two priorities for this job position?



What would first 30, 60, and 90 days of job look like?



What are the top attributes you are looking for.

Based on answer, highlight how you can fulfill those attributes.


How long have you been working on this project/company?



Would I be working directly for you or someone else?



How many people are on the team?



Why is this position open? Are you looking internally to fill this position?



What can you tell me about this organization that would me better understand what kind of impact I could have? Any weaknesses for which I could help?