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how do you define "community?"

  • a community is a social group determined by geographic boundaries and common values and interests
  • its members know and interact w/ one another
    • it functions w/in a particular social structure and exhibits and creates, norms, values, and social institutions


3 things needed for a community

  • people
  • place
  • function


define "aggregate"

  • a collection of individuals who have in common one or more personal or environmental characteristics
    • ie. nursing students, children with sickle cell


who is the client in community assessments?

  • the community is the client only when the nursing focus on the collective or common good of the population instead of on individual health


community oriented practice

  • seeks healthful change for the whole community's benefit
  • nurses may work with individuals, families or other interacting gorups, aggregates or institutions
    • the resulting changes are intended to affect the whole community


3 common characteristics/dimensions of community health

  • status
  • structure
  • process


data collection for community assessment

  • obtain usable info from community and about its health
  • systematic collection of data about community health requires gathering or compiling existing data and generating missing data
  • data is then interpreted and community health problems and community abilities are identified


data assessment

  • data is analyzed
  • themes are noted
  • problems, strengths, and needs for action are identified
  • lay participation is important to the process


5 key methods of obtaining data in community assessment

  • informant interviewing
  • participant observation
  • secondary analysis of existing data
  • surveys
  • windshield surveys


issues of community assessment

  • gaining entry is major hurdle of assessment
  • once entry is attained, role negotiation must begin


community nursing dx

  • "risk of": identifies specific problem faced by community
  • "among": specifies the community the nurse will be working with in relations to identified problem
  • "related to": identifies factors contributing to the problem