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From where can you obtain the latest and most accurate details of aeronautical communication frequencies?



In a reply to a message from Air Traffic Control, what does the standard word 'Roger' mean?

I have received all your last transmission


Currently, there is no surface wind. How would ATC pass this information to you over the radio?

'Wind Calm'


Which of the following is NOT an 8.33 kHz channel?



Which of the following pieces of information does not have to be read back to the air traffic controller?

The temperature / dew point of the aerodrome


You are at Shobdon, where the ATSU has the callsign 'Shobdon Radio'. You pass the message that you are ready for departure. How would the radio operator respond to you if there was an aircraft on short final to land?

'G-NK There is a Cessna 177 on 2 mile final to land, wind 090 at 6 knots'


You are in a PA38, callsign G-ARPO en route to Carr Aerodrome, when you notice a speedboat on fire whilst 2 miles offshore from Bennet Head. You can see people in the water near the burning hull. How should you initiate the call?

'PanPan PanPan PanPan, Carr Radio, G-ARPO, PA38, speedboat on fire, am remaining on scene ...'


Whilst en route to Sheffield, you wish to transit the zone of an aerodrome with the callsign 'Retford Information'. How would Retford respond to your message, if they had two aircraft in the visual circuit?

'G-VT Circuit is active, report entering the zone'


What phrase, used by a controller, is used to indicate that permission for the proposed action has been granted?



In an emergency, the 'speechless code' can be used to communicate using VHF. In this code, how is the message 'further emergency' transmitted?

Four transmissions - One long, two short, one long


You hear ATC talking to a commercial airliner, using the call sign Midland 139. Which of the following statements is correct?

This call sign may not be abbreviated


When providing a VDF service, a bearing accurate to within 15 degrees would be reported as:

class Delta


If you were passed the message 'G-SS squawk 3616 and ident', what would your reply be?

'3616 and ident, Golf Sierra Sierra


A Deconfliction Service is available to pilots flying under:

IFR outside controlled airspace only


You receive the clearance 'Golf India Whiskey, after departure cleared to FL40, squawk 6317'. Which of the following is true?

You have received your departure clearance - this is not a take-off clearance


You are uncertain of the promulgated hours of watch for a radio facility. Which of the following is the most authoritative source of current information regarding this?

The UK AIP (Sections ENR and AD)


A radio frequency of 123.50 MHz would be transmitted in the format:

'Wun too tree dayseemal fife'


What word, used by a controller, is used to request that a pilot continues in accordance with the conditions specified?



With 25 KHz spacing, how many channels are available using a conventional aviation transceiver?



Pilots are able to request a 'Training Fix' on 121.5 MHz to confirm their position. In what format would the pilot of an aircraft with the registration G-BGTW send this request?

'Training Fix, Training Fix, Training Fix, G-BGTW'


In a radio message, how would FL100 be reported?

'Flight level wun hundred'