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How many transmitter selector switches on an ACP can be selected at any one time?

Only one


If a transmitter button is selected, is it necessary to select the associated receiver button/volume in order to hear the audio?



Other than the TCP, where is the active VHF/HF frequency displayed?

Auxiliary display on the outboard display unit


Give the two methods of initiating calls with a selected cabin station.

-Line selecting one of the pre-defined SPEED DIAL locations on the cabin interphone page.
-Accessing the directory and selecting the desired call location


During flight, EICAS "RADIO TRANSMIT" is displayed. What has happened?

Stuck microphone on side displayed for 30sec


On which systems does the V.B.R switch have any effect?

Navigation filter selector:
VOR, ADF, ILS or DME audio


How could you change the Centre VHF mode from voice to DATA?

By stepping through the list of standby frequencies until DATA appears.


How can a priority call be made to a designated cabin station?

By pushing the ACP CAB transmitter select switch twice within one second. If station is in use, it is disconnected from the call and connected to the flight deck.


How can you set up a conference call between cabin and satcom?

By pressing CAB and SAT microphone selectors at the same time.


Which ACP is prohibited to be used for SATCOM?

Captain or F/O ACP must not be used to establish a SATCOM/CABIN conference


What happens when a VHF radio is tuned to 121.5?

All flight crew automatically monitor the radio. Receiver light on all ACP illuminate.