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What are 4 points on colour theory?

- will never change when makeup trends do
- used to camouflage and compliment
- used to chose complexion product, eye products, cheek products, and lip products
- creates harmony


What are the 3 Primary Colours

Red, Yellow, Blue


What are the 3 Secondary Colours

Orange, Green, Purple


Describe Tertiary Colours

Mixing equals parts of one primary and one secondary colour beside it


Describe Tint

White added to a pure colour


Describe Tone

Grey added to a pure colour


Describe Shade

Black added to a pure colour


Describe Neutral Colours

Variations of Brown, Black, Grey, and White


What are the 6 Colour Combinations on the Colour Wheel?

1. Complimentary- colours OPPOSITE to the other
2. Mono-Chromatic - Shades, Tints, Tones of one colour
3. Analogous - Shades, Tints, Tones BESIDE each other
4. Triad - colours EQUALLY SPACED from each other (triangle)
5. Warm - have YELLOW undertone
6. Cool - have BLUE undertone


What are 5 Complimentary Eye Make Up colours for Blue eyes?

1. Orange
2. Neutral Pinks
3. Greyish Blues
4. Black
5. Dark Neutrals


What are 5 Complimentary Eye Make Up colours for Brown eyes?

1. Neutral Blues
2. Chocolate
3. Taupe
4. Greens
5. Pale Pinks


What are 5 Complimentary Eye Make Up colours for Green eyes?

1. Purples
2. Natural Pinks
3. Brown Greens
4. Caramels
5. Silver