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What was the background to baron Cohen

Train of impairments
-difficulties with social situations
-difficulties forming relationships
-difficulties with verbal and non verbal communication
THEORY OF MIND (lack of)


What are the aims and hypothesis of b+c

To investigate of high functioning adults with autism or Asperger syndrome would be impaired on a theory of mind test. Additionally the experimenters were interested if there was a difference in theory of mind between females and males


What was the research method used in B+C

Lab and quasi experiment


What is the sample for B+C

Group 1: 16 participants with high functioning autism(4) or Asperger's syndrome(12) 13 males and 3 females
Group 2: 50 normal people 25 male 25 female
Group 3: 10 patients with Tourette's syndrome, 8 male 2 female


What was the method of collecting a sample for B+C

Self selection


What is the 3 IVs in B+C

Tourette's syndrome


What was the DV in B+C and how was it measured

Performance in the advanced testify theory of mind (eyes task)


What Are the controls in B+c

Groups 2 and 3 acted as control groups
Two control tasks were given too participants in group 1: gender recognition and basic emotion recognition task
Sex and developmental disorders were also controlled


What does the procedure involve in B+C

Eyes task --> 25 pictures of eyes, participants had to identify the emotion that was being displayed out of a given list
Happe strange stories --> participants had to judge the mental or physical state of people described in various scenarios
Control task --> gender recognition of the pictures in the eyes task
Basic emotion procedure involves the participants judging the emotion of a picture of someone's whole face and choosing an emotion ( happy sad angry afraid disgust surprise )