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CIPD (2014) 3/4 of organisations offer c and m, mostly via LM

Devolution of responsibilities:
Lack of skills
Dual role
Power imbalance
Require regular performance management


Landsberg (2003) use SMART objectives to:

Coaching requires a two-way flow of feedback, interview skills, motivational techniques, instructional technique, process consulting. Use GROW:
Goals - what want?, Reality - how?, Options - evaluate and Will - action plan.


Garvey (2004) difference between coaching and mentoring

Coaching is short term and mainly has operational focus. Mentoring is often use to transition or get through difficult time and can be individual or organisational focus.


Reverse mentoring (HR Professional Association, 2011)

Addresses cross generational relationship issues to add value to an organisation


Starr (2003) coaching skills

Interview skills - open questions, reflecting, motivating


Sill and Critchley (2003)

It’s about the attitude of the mentor. Uses a Phenomenological qualitative counselling approach to interviews. Understand situation and mentees ‘lived experience’ from their point of view. More than empathy. Involves reflexivity and encourages new territories.


Shein (1987) 3 consultancy modes

Consultants can coach individuals. Most useful is process consulting where the HR professional empowers the employee to identify issues and provides guidance. This is better than taking stance as ‘expert’ - power imbalance, or ‘doctor-patient’ - don’t try to diagnose, get employee to do that.