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Target therapies can be Mabs or Ibs. What are each?

Mabs are monoclonal antibodies

Ibs are signal transduction inhibitors


Myeleproliferative disorders tend to have a mutation that cause what?

Constitutively active tyrosine kinase receptor


Pathophysiology of CML: fusion of what two regions of which chromosomes renders the tyrosine kinase constitutively active

Break point cluster region (BCR) and Ableson Oncogene product (Abl)


What is a proteosome?

Enzyme complexes present in both healthy and cancerous cells. Proteasomes degrade intracellular proteins in a regulated manner


Imatinib is a signal transduction inhibitor that binds where?

Binds the ATP binding domain of the Abl kinase preventing substrate phosphorylation and signaling preventing downstream signaling


MOA of Ruxolitinib and indicated for tx of what disease that causes erythrocytosis

Block cytokine signaling and amplified cytokine and growth factor expression, effectively a JAK2 inhibitor and used for tx of Polycythemia Vera


MOA of Ibrutinib and indicated for tx of what disease that causes high levels of IgM in the blood leading to hyperviscosity and is associated with lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma

BTK inhibitor in b-cell receptor signaling used to treat Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia

CYP3A4 (lots of drug drug interactions) and can also be used for mantle cell lymphoma


Idelalisib inhibits what part of the BCR cascade?

P13K 2nd messenger used for tx of CLL or relapsed follicular B cell non-hodgkins lymphoma of FL/relapsed SLL


bortezomib is a _______inhibitor

26s proteosome inhibitor


the Abl ATP biniding domain mutates and can become resistant to imatinib. What other treatments are there if this happens in a pt with CML?

Dasatinib or Nilotinib


Imatinib adverse effects

edema, hepatotoxic


What are some potentially fatal adverse effects of idelalisib (P13K inhibitor that treats relapses CLL/SLL, Relapsed follicular B-Cell NHL)

Fatal hepatoxicity
Intestinal Perforation


Idelalisib can have many drug drug interactions because

it's a CYP3A4 inhibitor


Alemtuzumab (campath) is directed against CD