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George _________ Personal Construct Therapy focuses on how:

  • George Kelly's
  • A client experiences the world


George Kelly assumes that people _______ the ways that they deal with the world, and that there are always _________ ways for doing so.

  • Choose
  • Alternative


A person's psychological processes are determined by the way she ___________ events, with __________ involving the use of ___________.

  • Construes
  • Construing
  • Personal constructs.


Personal constructs are ____________ that begin to develop in infancy and may operate on an ___________ or ___________ level.

  • Bipolar dimensions of meaning
  • Unconscious
  • Conscious


People act as _____________, continually testing their personal constructs.



Kelly rejected the medical model of mental illness and replaced it with a description of ________, _______, and other forms of _____________ as the result of inadequate personal constructs.

  • Anxiety
  • Hostility
  • Maladaptive Bx


_____________ occurs when a person continues to rely on constructs despite invalidating evidence and tries to force people, objects, or events to fit those constructs.



In Personal Construct Therapy, the therapist and client are "___________" who work together to derive tasks that will help the client _____/_______ maladaptive personal constructs so that the client is better to "make sense" of his/her experiences.

  • "Co-experimenters"
  • Revise/replace


The ________________ is one method of assessment, and involves having the client identify people who have various roles in his life and the ways in which those individuals are similar and different.

Repertory grid.


The _____________ is an activity in which the client describes him/herself from the perspective of someone who knows the client well.

Self-characterization sketch.


______________ therapy involves having the client experiment with other ways of experiencing life by acting out in his/her daily life the role of a fictional character who is psychologically different from the client.


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