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_________ is credited for Extended Family Systems Therapy.



Extended Family Systems Therapy Interlocking Concept 1: ______________ of self refers to a person's ability to separates his or her intellectual and emotional functioning.



The _______ a person's level of differentiation, the more the person is at the mercy of his emotions and the more likely that he will become __________ with the emotions that dominate the family.

  • Lower
  • Fused


The term "___________________" is used to describe a family whose members are highly emotionally fused.

Undifferentiated family ego mass.


According to Bowen, people tend to choose mates whose level of differentiation is ________ to their own.



Extended Family Systems Therapy Interlocking Concept 2: An _____________ may be created when a two-person system (husband/wife, parent/child) experiences instability or stress. This involves recruiting a third person into the system to increase __________ and reduce _________.

  • Emotional triangle
  • Stability
  • Tension


Extended Family Systems Therapy Interlocking Concept 3: The ______________ process is the process by which parental conflicts & emotional immaturity are transmitted to children, causing a lower level of ___________ than their parents.

  • Family projection
  • Differentiation


Behavioral disorders are the result of a ____________________ in which progressively lower levels of differentiation are transmitted from one generation to the next.

Multigenerational transmission process.


The primary goal of Extended Family Systems Therapy is to:

Increase the differentiation of all family members.


Bowenian therapy typically involves _______ family members, so the therapist can become the ______ person in the ______.

  • 2
  • Third
  • Triangle


A Bowenian may also work only with the family member who displays the ___________ differentiation, since ___________ differentiation by this person is likely to motivate other family members to self-differentiate.

  • Greatest
  • Increased


Extended Family Systems Therapy begins with an ___________ to identify the history of the family's presenting problems and includes construction of a ___________, depicting relationships between family members, the dates of significant life events, and other important information.

  • Assessment
  • Genogram


Extended Family Systems Therapy sessions are ____________, cognitive, and _________.

  • Educative
  • Controlled


Partners are encouraged to talk to _____________ instead of ___________ to avoid conflict and reduce tension, and to speak in a calm, __________ manner.

  • The therapist
  • Eachother
  • Factual

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