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_____________ and other Existential therapies are derived from existential philosophy, which share an emphasis on ________ and responsibility for _______________.

  • Logotherapy
  • Personal choice
  • Developing a meaningful life


Existential therapists believe that people are not static, but are in a ____________________.

Constant state of evolving and becoming.


Maladaptive Bx is the result of:

An inability to cope authentically with the authentic concerns of existence.

Bonus Point: These concerns include:

  • Death
  • Freedom
  • Existential isolation
  • Meaninglessness


______________ is a normal response to ultimate concerns and can serve as a source of motivation to change and grow.

Existential anxiety.


_____________ is frequently the result of an attempt to avoid existential anxiety, is out of proportion to the situation that elicited it, is often outside conscious awareness, and can be immobilizing.

Neurotic anxiety.


The goal of Existential therapy is to help clients live in more ________, self-aware, ________, and meaningful ways.

  • Committed
  • Authentic


The _______________ is considered the most important therapeutic tool.

Therapist-client relationship.


_______________ is used to reduce a client's fear and requires the client to focus in an exaggerated and humorous way on the feared situation.

Paradoxical intention.

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