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Caesar - buying Rome

Reputation with the Roman people - used wealth to increase popularity
Largesse to the army - soldiers had access to plunder
Favours to senators - buying office, money for constrution
Favours across the Med


Other factors

Absence from Rome for 10 years - avoided the controversies.
Legal question - did Caesar's command actually end?
Demonstrable military ability


Early moves

Senate votes Pompey overall command, all state money
Caesar quickly marches through Italy
Pompey and senate flee to Rome - panic and indecision


Corfinium - 49 bc

Caesar besieges Domitius Ahenobarbus, on surrender he is released
Policy of clementia
Caesar distances himself from Sulla


More proposals

Caesar - Domitius and Considius take over Gallic provinces, Pompey goes to Spain, Caesar stands for election
Senate - Leave Italy, then Pompey stops recruiting soldiers


Aftermath of the Battle of Pharsalus, 48 bc

Pompey withdraws to Egypt; executed on arrival
Caesar marches into palace with barely 2 legions
Decides issues in dynastic succession


The War in Africa

Cato marches to Africa from Cyrenaica and joins Metellus Scipio and Labienus
Juba in Numidia also joins them
Final victory at Thapsus - Lubienus escapes to Spain, but Scipio and Cato die


4 triumphs

Caesar had 4 triumphs in one month - Gaul, Egypt, Pharaces and Juba.


Final showdown, March 45 bc

Caesar marches to Spain against Pompey's sons and Labienus. War was brutal
Final battle at Munda
Caesar almost loses
Labienus killed in battle