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What are civil rights?

The rights that you have a citizen of a country.


What is the US Constitution?

The rights that all Americans had to vote, travel freely, be educated and earn a living.


What arguments did some states give to justify segregated education?

That if the white schools and black schools were equally resourced then there was not an inequality in education.


What court case happened in 1954 to challenge the actions of states with regards to segregated education?

Brown vs Board of Education Topeka (1954)


What was the name of the girl in the case of Brown vs Board of Education Topeka (1954)?

Linda Brown


What reasons were given why the case of Brown vs Board of Education Topeka (1954) was raised?

She had to travel many kilometers to attend a black only school as opposed to the white school nearby.
It was a test case - people wanted to try a case to see what would happen to see if other cases could be successful.


Which organisation brought the case of Brown vs Board of Education Topeka (1954)?

National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People (NAACP)


When did the case Brown vs Board of Education Topeka (1954) start?

September 1952


What ruling did Chief Justice Earl Warren give?

He ruled in favour of Brown and the NAACP stating that segregated education could never be considered equal. He instructed the Southern states to set up integrated schools with "deliberate speed".


How was the issue of integrated schools received?

With resistance - Little Rock in Arkansas refused to let Black students attend and called in State Troopers to prevent them from doing so.


Who was James Meredith and why was he so important in the Civil Rights movement?

- In 1962 he won an appeal to overturn a ban preventing him from attending the state university in Mississippi.
- Robert Kennedy sent Marshals in to enforce this.
- 2 Marshals were killed and 160 people wounded.


Who caused the Montgomery Bus Boycott?

Rosa Parks when she refused to give up her seat to a white man in December 1955.


What movement was set up as a result of Rosa Parks refusal to give up her seat to a white man?

The Montgomery Improvement Association (MIA)


Who was the president of the MIA?

Martin Luther King


On the first day of the boycott how many people gathered to listen to Martin Luther King?

10000 - 15000


How much income did the bus companies lose as a result of the bus boycott?



Why was the boycott considered such a success?

2/3 s of bus passengers were black so it had a significant financial and visual impact on the buses.
It was the first big, non-violent direct action protest