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Is CIC a constitutional or non constitutional body? State reason

Central information Commission is a Non Constitutional body because it was established through an Official Gazette Notification under the RTI Act, 2005


Composition of CIC
Appointed by

Consists of Chief Information Commissioner + not more than 10 Information Commissioners

Appointed. by the President on recommendation of a committee ( consisting of PM as chairperson, Leader of Opposition in LS, a Union Cabinet Minister)


Tenure and reappointment of members of central information commission

Tenure - 5 year or 65 year age whichever is earlier
Not eligible for reappointment


Removal grounds for members of CIC

convicted of an offence
engaged in paid employment
unfit to continue
acquired financial interest which affect his office

In addition president can remove on proved misbehavior->that case->matter goes to SC->IF APPROVED->REMOVE