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Responsibilities of CHIS Handler

Recruitment and registration

- Examine motivation of CHIS
- Ensure any targeted cultivation and recruitment is authorised by CHIS controller
- Conduct only authorised targeted recruitment processes of potential CHIS

- Obtain approval from CHIS controller for any approach to high risk CHIS; Juvie or vulnerable
- Comply with conditions of contact
- Register CHIS ASAP or in any case within 5 days


Responsibilities of CHIS Handler


- maintain regular contact with CHIS in accordance with any relevant control measures
- maintain all notes, files and any other CHIS related material in such a way as to preserve the confidentiality of the CHIS
- strictly control the identity, anonymity and security of the CHIS

- ensure a CHIS understands their registration does not automatically protect them from prosecution for ANY unlawful act
- advise CHIS Supervisor or Controller of all proposed contact meetings before the meeting takes place
- comply with conditions of contact


Responsibilities of CHIS Handler


- ensure the CHIS fully understands what is required of them and the timeframe for reporting back
- assess any risk of the CHIS being compromised in completing the tasking and ensure a risk management plan is in place prior to the CHIS embarking upon the task

- make contact with the CHIS for whom there is a 'hit' returned from a system search
- ensure that all CHIS profiles are as complete and comprehensive as possible


Responsibilities of CHIS Handler


- submit applications for rewards and ancillary expenses
- avoid creating expectations on the part of the CHIS that may prejudice the Controllers or Authorising Officers objective assessment of the appropriate level of reward

- carefully plan for and manage the potential impact that large sums of money may have on a CHIS to avoid the risk of exposure and report any concerns to the CHIS Supervisor or Controller
- ensure rewards are paid as per policy and the receipt including any withdrawel and deposit receipts complete with witness signature and acknowledgement are forwarded to OC HSMU.


Protection of CHIS Identity and Information

Case Law

R v McGinty

R v McGinty

Disclosure of the identity of alleged informants was not required under the Act, and the trial Judge was correct in deleting from the application certain parts which would have been likely to lead to the identification of informants. However, the trial judge was entitled to insist on disclosure if he saw fit.




An appreciation is a proven method of problem solving. The process follows a series of set steps to ensure the optimum course of action is decided upon.

It considers all appropriate factors and weighs the benefits and risks of all alternative solutions, allowing sound decisions to be taken.

An appreciation is an ongoing process which involves continually thinking through each new piece of information as it is uncovered.


Steps of an Appreciation


Aim - a short (one line) statement which succinctly demonstrates a single objective

Factors - any circumstance or fact that could possibly have an effect on the manner in which you will achieve your desired outcome

Courses Open - a list of all the possible ways the aim could be achieved, bearing in mind the factors and the deductions made from those factors

Plan - a proposed course of action designed to put the selected course into action in order to achieve the desired aim




• Establishes a sequence of activities to be carried out
• Eliminates duplication
• Ensures nothing is overlooked
• Effective use of resources

• Informs all Police what they are expected to achieve
• Increases the chances of success, i.e. the investigative aims/objectives being met

• Manages risk
• Reduces uncertainty


Clan Labs

90 Second Rule

This rule assumes that if offenders are present and moving inside the laboratory then the atmosphere will sustain life.

It assumes that the Initial Entry Team (wearing the minimum level of PPE for the IET) may safely enter and extract suspects for a period of up to 90 seconds.


Prevention First

Graduated Response Model


- Victim support referral
- Refer to other agencies if appropriate
- Discuss and provide prevention advice
- Ask about any undisclosed offences


Prevention First

Graduated Response Model


Bronze response AND

- Face to face crime prevention visit
- Referral to relevant partner agency
- Follow up phone call
- Referral to tasking and coordination if required


Prevention First

Graduated Response Model


Silver response AND

- Visit by officer to engage in prevention advice, investigation update, obtain consent to contact neighbours
- Increase directed patrols
- Target hardening
- Victim intervention plan developed and implemented


Prevention First

Graduated Response Model

Emergency Intervention (Override)

- Emergency operational response overrides GRM, but consider GRM as follow up