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Child abuse and neglect occurs in all socio-economic _________ as well as in _________.

child care programs


Child abuse is more prevalent than you may think, and you may be the only person in a position to intervene. You have not only a _____obligation to intervene, but a ______ obligation to report it.



For more information about child abuse and neglect, you can call the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence (1-800-500-1119) or the Florida Council Against Sexual Violence at 1-888-956-7273. You are a _________ reporter of child abuse.

mandated reporter


three children die of child abuse in the home in the united states each



how many people report child abuse when faced with an actual situation



what is the single, leading cause of death for children ages four or younger?

child abuse and neglect


on average, child abuse is reported somewhere in the US every

10 seconds



strangers pose the greatest risk of sexual abuse to children




child molesters get their sexual gratification only from children



the average age that child molesters first attack a child is when they (the attackers) are

in their teens


What are the three actions that can help stop child abuse and neglect?

1. Helping a stressed out parents by babysitting, making a meal for their family or lending an understanding
2. Learning the signs and symptoms of child abuse so you can recognize hem when you see the "red flags"
3. reporting known or suspected child abuse to the police or local child protective services agency



any persons under the age of 18 years


child abuse

any non-accidental injury, sexual battery, or injury to the intellectual or psychological capacity of a child by the parent, adult household member, or other person responsible for the child's welfare


physical abuse

the mistreatment of a child by a person responsible for the child's welfare that results in injury or harm to the child


sexual abuse

sexual contract or interaction between a child and an adult or older child. Includes indecent exposure, fondling, touching sexual organs, forcible rape, sodomy, exploitation, and showing pornography


verbal abuse

a form of emotional abuses that involves excessive yelling, shaming, belittling, and/or teasing a child


institutional abuse or neglect

situations of known or suspected child abuse or neglect which occurs at the institution where the person allegedly perpetrating the child abuse or neglect is an employee of a private school, public of private child care center, residential home, institution, program, or agency or any other person at such institution responsible for the child's care.



failure to provide adequate food, clothing, shelter, health care, or needed supervision


emotional neglect

failure to provide support, acceptance, attention, warmth, supervision and normal living experiences for a child to the extent that the child is impaired in ability to function normally in performance and behavior



anything to a child's health or welfare that can occur when any person:

a) inflicts or allows to be inflicted upon the child physical, emotional, or mental injury
b) commits or allows to be committed sexual battery or lewd of lascivious acts against a child
c) allows, encourages or forces the sexual exploitation of a child
d) exploits a child or allows a child to be exploited
e) abandons a child
f) neglects a child
g) exposes a child to a controlled substance or alcohol
h) uses mechanical devices, unreasonable restraints, or extended periods of isolation to a control a child
i) engages in violent behavior that demonstrates a wanton disregard for the presence of a child and could reasonably result in serious injury to the child
j) negligently fails to protect a child in his or her care from inflicted physical, mental, or sexual injury caused by the act of another
k) has allowed a child's sibling to die as a result of abuse, abandonment, or neglect


inadequate supervision

when a child in left alone in a situation beyond their physical and emotional development level or when a child is left in the care of someone who does not provide adequate supervision


lack of adequate shelter

when the child is exposed to structurally unsafe housing, exposed wiring, inadequate or unsafe heating, or unsanitary housing conditions


lack of adequate clothing/good hygiene

when a child suffers or is likely to suffer from physical or emotional health conditions resulting from inadequate clothing, improper hygiene and uncleanness


lack of adequate nutrition

when the caretaker has regularly failed to provide or have available adequate food to the child, which can cause malnutrition over a long period of time


lack of dental/medical care

when a medical or dental condition is left untreated, possibly resulting in serious or long term harm to the child


lack of love and attention (failure to thrive)

when the parents deny satisfying or fulfilling relationships, thus avoiding most interactions as a method of avoiding rejection and failure. The lack of support or emotional care or love can cause the infant and/or child's weight to fall below the fifth percentile range


lack of providing access to education

when education is not enforced by the parents, thereby contributing to the child's absence from school - leading to the lack of education and leading to truancy


florida abuse hotline

operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
toll free phone number 1-800-962-2873



exemption from civil or criminal charges resulting from reporting "in good faith"


examples of physical abuse

hitting to hurt
pulling hair
scalding water